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Discussion in 'Personal' started by JennyMus, Aug 24, 2011.

  1. I have access to free dance and fitness classes and despite politely declining all previous offers I found myself being coerced into having my Zumba virginity broken this evening. (3 French Martini's and a White Russian appears to be my persuasion border).

    I'm quite fit, I run 8-10 miles thrice weekly but am slightly concerned about the fact that this is a professional dance studio and I've seen dancers in their peak of physical fitness leave this class looking like beetroots and as if they've been hit by a sledgehammer.

    So my question is, should I expect to be able to walk for my first day back at work tomorrow?
  2. langteacher

    langteacher Occasional commenter

  3. After six weeks I was only breaking into a light sweat.
  4. [/quote]

    My friend is a dance teacher, she went on a Zumba training course and had arranged her first class last week at a local sports centre. She has a good reputation in the area, she's had a good career in the West End etc, but nothing could have prepared her for the fact that when she got there to teach there were 87 people that had turned up! She was completely shocked. She ended up having to teach in the middle of the hall with two enormous groups either end, she also made £400 in an hour!!!!!! Needless to say, they immediately arranged for her to break this into multiple sessions!

    The place I'm going to tonight had a similar situation when they first started it up, they did one as a trial and had to shoehorn people into the studio because of the sheer mass of bodies that were there.
  5. Depends very much on the teacher - I have been to some where women were chatting throughout the workout (hmmm....don't think you're burning many calories there) and others where I was totally worn out afterwards. It's a fun way of burning off a few calories. It'll never get you super fit.
  6. Zumba is today's aerobics, you can work flat out for half an hour, sweat buckets and undoubtedly burn calories, improve stamina and tone up. Or you can wriggle your hips to the catchy music and natter to your mates. It's all down to you.
    I love it! [​IMG]
  7. I am not a fan of Zumba at all. It is far too hit and miss with the instructors and how safely they conduct their classes. It is far too easy to injure yourself in a class without realising.
  8. Ive been to 3 different zumba classes - 2 of them had a mixture of ages and fitness levels and to be honest I dont find them that hard. I could go 'overboard' more with my movements but would look a bit daft as they're in quite small community halls and everybody else does moderate moving.
    The other one was insane. A professionaly trained woman in her early 20s and every movement was really high energy - she would come right up to you and try to motivate you if you weren't putting 110% into it so it wasn't as much of a 'choice' as the others. I actually felt fantastic afterwards and really did feel like i'd burnt hundreds of calories, but I couldn't exercise for a fortnight afterwards because my calfs were hurting so much! We did cool down, but launched too quickly into high impact at the beginning and I have always had calfs that cramp up easily etc. So PFF has a point!
    I would imagine one at a professional gym is somewhere inbetween - higher impact than the general classes you get at community centres, but probably more professional that my insane one so less pressure to make your body do things it doesn't want to!
  9. jellycowfish

    jellycowfish New commenter

    I'm fairly fit and I always leave my zumba classes hot and sweaty (but feeling good!) I think most teachers tell you to take it at your own pace - there's no need to be leaping about if you don't want to. In my class, I throw myself into it at the beginning of the class, and when my body says 'enough', I take it more gently!! If you want to ease yourself into Zumba, try a Zumba Gold class. Although the dances are more or less the same, there are longer breaks in between tracks, the steps are broken down for you (more time to get your breath back!) and it's not high impact (unless you want to.)
    Go and enjoy yourself!!
    PS And I don't hurt the next day!
  10. I'm getting quite exited about going now........I shall report back to you all later tonight.
  11. Hope you enjoy it. I'm off to mine in an hour. I love it. My instructor does a full-on class on a Wednesday that leaves me hot, bright red and out of breath for the full 50 mins. I've been to her Zumba Gold class on a Monday though and realised the difference as that is much more low impact and not as hard. Some people turn up to her Wed class and are advised to give the easier Monday one a try the next week if they found it tricky. I've got used to the pace of the Wednesday class and don't go to the Mon class or aquafit any more as by comparison they are far too easy and lack the challenge.
    Anyone who pays their money and turns up for the training can call themselves a licensed Zumba instructor. When my instructor was on her maternity leave we had several stand ins.
    One was as mad as a hatter, had fun routines but was a bit hit and miss about following the rhythm of the music.
    One had no idea of being able to follow the music and was totally uncoordinated and hard to follow.
    One was OK as far as fitness was concerned and OK to follow, but not as creative in routines as my normal instructor.
    One was a size 24. I totally admired her confidence to stand in front of the class and do the routine, but her routines were nowhere near as hard aerobically as I was used to and it was hard to follow her moves.
    Have fun. I hope you have a good instructor and that you enjoy it.
  12. How do you know, did you ask her? [​IMG] hehe
    I know what you mean though - fantastic that she is doing it, but regardless of size you need the aerobic fitness to be able to offer your class a good workout. I think i'd feel a bit jipped money-wise if I turned up and my instructor couldn't at least raise my heart rate.
  13. catmother

    catmother Star commenter

    There's something fady about it that really puts me off.
  14. fady?
  15. catmother

    catmother Star commenter

    Fady because it's everywhere.
  16. Well I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed my Zumba virginity being broken. It wasn't too fiddly or too dancy and was very good fun. It was high impact but I have to say I wasn't as tired as I hoped I would be. To be fair I don't think a Zumba class is going to tire me out as much as a 10 mile run so maybe it was my expectation on that front. I think I'll probably use it on the days I don't run, it is free after all. I did do some sweating though, certainly enough to warrant my eating of the choc ice that is nearly melting over my iPad as I type this!!!!!!

    Thank you for all your comments. Going again on Friday :)
  17. Zumba has definitely improved my fitness and helped with weight loss, I love it. Unfortunately instructors do vary but luckily mine is fantastic.
    As you become familiar with the routines you tend to put more into each move.
  18. faddy!
  19. As she danced and moved about her joggers would slip down and you could see the label. [​IMG]

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