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Discussion in 'Health and wellbeing' started by Cals, Jul 27, 2011.

  1. Hi folks!
    I loathe exercise, but love a good boogie. Had heard people talking about 'Zumba classes' on here and took little notice, as I thought it was just another bit of hard work. However, I heard them talking about it on the radio last week, and thought it sounded like something I would actually enjoy (lost weight, but still got a wobbly tummy) - soooo - I'm taking the plunge tonight (quite nervous actually)
    Who else has experience of this, and, more to the point, how long before I notice a difference? (I won't be able to take it up properly for a few weeks, and they do it twice a week)
  2. Personally I am not a fan.
    I think it is a good way of starting up a bit of activity if you have led a sedentary lifestyle but not good at all for proper body toning. The classes I experienced were too full which meant there wasn't room to move safely and the moves were not properly demonstrated which can lead to injury if you don't know what you are doing!
    My friends absolutely love it, they go for stress relief but as of yet nobody has seen any noticeable difference in their body measurements.
  3. Gardening Leaves

    Gardening Leaves New commenter

    I love Zumba and manage it fine at 53, but I am an ex-dancer, so knew whast to expect. It is a cross between high energfy aerobics and latin dance, with a lot of booty-shaking and arm waving. Even though I still dfo regular ballet + tap classes I ache like mad afterwards! That having been said the class is full of people with vastly differing previous experience and fitness levels and you can join it with what ever levcel of iintensity suits you. If you want to try something a bit less energetic to start with, you could try Zumba Gold which is more gentle.
  4. I really like it too, although in honesty theres times when I find it a bit repetative. I like it when we whizz through them because there's nobody new and I feel like I get a proper workout. All the stop-starting can be annoying because I dont feel tired at the end of it.
    That said, it is the ONLY type of exercise that I have stuck at for over a month! I enjoy the music, the rhythms, and the feeling when I get it right!
    The only thing stopping me from going more often is that I do it at community centres, and at £5 a pop it adds up to do it more than once a week.
    Let us know what you think.
  5. Zumba is the new aerobics, it may help stamina but I doubt it will tone. Mix it with other forms of exercise such resistance work and some weights and you may tone up. It's fun though!
  6. Good for a giggle, and to ease you back into some exercise, but little else.
    Zumba looks like fun, but the classes are not verbally instructed, so you are not told what to do, or how to do it safely and correctly - it's watch and copy. My best friend is a fitness instructor who regularly has clients attending her pilates class with injuries gained by doing zumba.
    I'd imagine it's died down a bit now, but when it first started, I heard of one class around here that regularly had 90+ people attending. Even if there was adequate space for them all, you can't watch that many people exercising and ensure they're doing it right.
    Think I'd rather walk the dog in the freezing cold, pouring rain than get hot and sweaty in a room with 90+ other people!
  7. Sel_chick, that's not my experience at all.
    Everytime there is anyone new at our Zumba class, the instructor pre-teaches all of the moves before playing the song and gives us a chance to practice them. If we do them incorrectly, she picks up on it and shows them more slowly. It is annoying for the people who go regularly, but good practice.
    When the instructor knows everyone has been before, she just gets on with it because most of us know how to do the moves correctly.
    And theres a maximum of 15 at my class, in a fairly large community hall.
  8. I am 54 and can manage a zumba class without any strain or injury, although I take the point that there is no monitoring.
    I F*CKING HATE exercise but I lurrrrrve Zumba. I would do it every day if there were a class on I could afford/get to. It's all dancy. You sweat a lot. The music is errrrr... motivating. There are always people who are crapper than you when you start (a major factor for me). Everyone is concentrating on keeping up and no-one looks at you. The steps are few and simple. By week 3 you will be able to do them all, though possibly not at the same time as everyone else.
    Go for it! If you hate it you don't have to go forever. How bad could it be? Sweating's good, yes? Sweat is water. heavy!

  9. I am going to a Zumba class with my mum and her friend tomorrow morning. It will be my first time of going and my mum says she doesn't know how I will cope as she has a lot more coordination than me and she struggles with it but I have said I will give it a go. The good thing is the instructor is my dad's friends girlfriend so at least she's a familiar face.
  10. My sentiments exactly, Lily!
    I did it! Not quite the same in bright lights and without a few glasses of wine, but beats aerobics or the gym, any day! I shall certainly go back - only about 24 people (most of us on the back row though! I'm not moving forward until I can 'get' most of the steps! It went very quickly, although I was relieved when it was over as I'm not too fit. £5.00 is a bit hefty, though. I think it should be subsidised, as it would keep people out of the NHS!
  11. I'm with Lily, really do love Zumba and have been able to persist with it more than other types of exercise.
    I've had a class with 3 different instructors and have found that they've all had a completely different focuses (had to look up the plural!). The one I go to regularly makes sure that all dances focus on the abdominal muscles and I've certainly noticed the difference to my wobbly tum.
    If there happens to be an Xbox Kinect user in your house who doesn't mind your commandeering said machine for 20 mins, I really recommend the Zumba Fitness game. It's a very good work-out that you can do at your own convenience (Which I will rely more on when term starts). Though my lounge carpet has taken a bit of a battering!

  12. y4me

    y4me New commenter

    I went to my first Zumba class last night.....a bit of a disappointment really:
    * Massive room with lots of space and a fully sprung floor.......but VERY hot and stuffy after a hot and humid day). Air conditioning was finally switched on after 30 minutes, but it was kind of too little too late.
    * Lovely 'instructor', but she didn't exactly 'instruct'. She just danced on the stage, occasionally pointing to the direction we were supposed to be going in and shouting out something I couldn't make out (no microphone).
    * She went far too fast and it was too energetic for a first timer like me!
    I would really like to have been taught the steps and arm movements, which I know I would have picked up easily if only they had been broken down into their component parts. This wouldn't have taken long. As it was, i just ended up doing my own thing because I couldn't figure out how to do the exact moves.
    I'm probably going to give it another go, but at this stage in my Zumba career, I feel it's been a bit over hyped!
  13. I've noticed at our gym that the most popular class is the one with the fewest steps. We're there to keep fit/lose weight, not learn dance routines, and if we have to keep stopping to catch up or correct ourselves, we aren't burning!
    The problem with Zumba classes is that they're completely mixed ability. But you'll soon catch on!
  14. Apparently instructors are taught to teach in this way - on a Zumba training course you're encouraged to use 'predominantly non-verbal modes of communication' - i.e. pointing and waving etc! We do have one instructor who ignores this and uses a mic and another who goes through the steps before we do them, but I think mainly you're expected to just join in when (and if!!!) you can.
    Like you I was really frustrated with this when I first started but now I absolutely love love love it and considering doing the training myself!

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