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Discussion in 'Personal' started by anon3372, Mar 19, 2011.

  1. Can you not use those weights that strap around your wrists and ankles?
    That is what we all use in any classes here.
    I am still not convinced by zumba - at least not by those videos. It all looks a bit chaotic and craaaaaaaazy.
  2. That is the bit that, personally, I do not agree with in a Zumba class. A lot of the moves are not controlled enough and flinging your arms and legs out with weights on is a bad idea.
  3. I am with you on that - I think weights in a zumba class are a silly idea, as the movements are not controlled.
    Weights in a pilates or water aerobics class is something different altogether.
  4. Definitely and the instructors (if properly trained and decent) will take time to ensure the moves are explained clearly and will observe the room carefully to watch for any incorrect posture/movement etc.
  5. Indeed - although I have to say that we don't tend to use weights at pilates. We use those large balls, or a roll thing, or elastic bands. Much more effective anyway, in my opinion - and you certainly notice the difference if you have to change your position slightly to do the same moves you do on the floor on a ball or roll. Only a matter of cms, sometimes, but boy does it make you ache!
    For fat burning, I recommend power walking or Nordic walking anyway - I shed mounds of lard doing that! Nordic walking uses 90% of the muscles in your body. Not a lot of people know that [​IMG]
  6. I guess it just depends on the instructor, your one sounds awful PFF. I also think those videos on the adverts on TV look scary!

    Weights definitely should not be strapped on ankles for Zumba, and they should not be over 1.5kg, although the special zumba toning sticks are only 0.5kg.

    The toning class I go to the movements are controlled- and the routines are slower than in classes without weights.
  7. The class I go to is very controlled too and our instructor has been an aerobics/sports instructor for sooo many years!
  8. I love dancing and really enjoyed the zumba classes I used to go to at the gym. I used to go at 9 O'clock on a Sunday morning without fail at Virgin gym in Solihull. The instructor was brilliant but they've changed her to some scatty female who isn't half as good in my opinion so I don't go now. If anyone knows where Sylwia went please let me know[​IMG]

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