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Zoom español for KS3

Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by Mulie1986, Jan 22, 2015.

  1. My department have got some money to potentially spend on some new text books/resources. We don't tend to use textbooks very much as we mostly make our own resources but what we are really after is some listening resources. We're doing some research on Zoom español and I was wanting some feedback on what people thought. Is the listening material good, would you need the online accompanying resources? Any feedback at all would be great. Thanks.
  2. nicktheteacher

    nicktheteacher New commenter

    If you contact your local oxford rep they will set you up a trial period so you can have a play about with the online resources.

    We have it and it's ok. Bit expensive for the whole package but that's the nature of all this online annual subscriptions. My entire budget is blown on these alone. :-(
  3. Hola

    I am in a secondary school where we bought into Zoom 1 and 2 last summer. It looked really good in the presentation - of course. We are used to using Studio on our system and Zoom, being online and set up in quite a different way, was not going to be as easy or quick to access. This is perhaps more to do with our school system though. I really liked the videos but it is now January and they have never worked properly for us - except on the laptops in the staffroom. Again, the technical side of this is maybe more the issue. Our system technicians have been in touch with the publisher and their techies but they have not yet got to the bottom of the issue. I have had the same issues with the listening tracks but we do now have the CD's and can complete tasks without the online site. I like the content and the style of the course - and the technical issues might all be "ours", so to speak. We have subscribed for one year, at the cost of thousands, and will not have the money to subscribe next year. So, we are making our own resources to go along with the course and the few textbooks and teachers' books that we have. I have been teaching Spanish for years so was able to get around the months of it not working properly with lots of resources I have successfully used before. Now we have the CD's I will stick to Zoom more of the time. So, a good course, more up to date for us, but expensive and, for us, useless when it comes to some of most positive content online - the audio and videos. Hope that helps!
  4. doha

    doha New commenter

    We bought Zoom 1 textbooks and the version on Kerboodle this year. I am very disappointed. It took forever for Kerboodle to set things up and even today some students cannot access their accounts. Then took forever from our side to make things work (technical problems)...

    On Zoom itself, I really like the fact that they are trying to make the students think to try to figure out where the pattern is... The videos are interesting but really challenging for beginners... The assessments are quite disappointing as well, really short and unlike the book, less challenging... Overall, I regret buying this and thinking of going back to Listos until we know a bit more about new GCSE specs.

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