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Zappy Starters

Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by PierreImport, Feb 15, 2011.

  1. PierreImport

    PierreImport Administrator

    Usually I simply sit down and tell some 'jokes' but I think I need some genuine zappy starters for my lessons. Does anyone have a link to some? Or maybe is there some sort of INSET on such things...I have been told to spend some of my training money.
  2. Try this thread, Pierre.
    I will add again, that Task Magic is my favourite zappy starter kit.
  3. PierreImport

    PierreImport Administrator

    That link seems to be defunct, PJ.
  4. mlapworth

    mlapworth Occasional commenter

  5. mpillette

    mpillette New commenter

    I would not normally use the forum to advertise my wares but I have actually written a pack called 'Zappy lesson starters for KS3 French' (which teachers of other languages use too as the emphasis is on the activity styles - which can be adapted to a variety of themes and languages). Contact me at mjppillette@aol.com if you wish,

  6. mlapworth

    mlapworth Occasional commenter

    There are several references to your 'Zappy lesson starters' pack on the link above.
  7. Pierre, I owe you a cake and coffee![​IMG]
  8. mlapworth

    mlapworth Occasional commenter

    And I will quote you again, PJ [​IMG]
  9. PierreImport

    PierreImport Administrator

    ha! And me?

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