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Yr9 low ability and switched off German group - ideas for last 2 lessons of year

Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by knottie, Jul 13, 2013.

  1. I have 2 final lessons with a low ability and switched off yr9 German group next week - I am wracking my brains for something to keep them occupied - they've just finished a project, so that's out of the question. i am considering using 'die Welle' (although it is a 15 cert, but only a little swearing and minor violence, nothing they wouldn't have seen far worse of before, I'm sure) and getting them to reflect on some of the questions it raises about dictatorship? I'd really appreciate some feedback or other ideas to get me through these 2 lessons -otherwise they could be the longest 2 hours of my life! If you've used other films to good effect, let me know.

  2. whapbapboogy

    whapbapboogy New commenter

    it is too late for you to order it for this year, but I have always had a good response to 'die wilden Kerlen'- get number 2- number one doesn't have subtitles. It;s a kid's film, and was really popular when it came out. For this year, give them a choice of puzzles/wordsearches/worksheets/make a poster. If you really want to talk to them (I wouldn't bother at this stage), do a quiz on Germany- you will find loads in TES resources.
  3. Thanks whapbapboogy - I will definitely look for that film for next year - I actually thought i only had one lesson to fill (long story) so was going to do a quiz - will have to do the worksheets scenario for the final lesson i think and hope several are absent! lol I think die Welle might be too heavy for this particular class in hindsight, and even though they have no doubt seen/heard far worse swearing etc, best not to use a 15 classified film - ho hum - next year i'll be more organised (yeah, right...)
  4. Would no way show "Die Welle". Not to a year 9. Not to a disillusioned one at that!

    That film is way too complicated.

    Why not just show a normal enjoyable end of term cartoon in German - Shrek, Chicken Run etc.. with English subtitles or even the other way round!

    You want to end the term on a positive note and do not want anything too demanding. Or too difficult!
  5. Um, I'd be wary of using die Welle. I don't think that the swearing in it is 'minor'. The use of 'Pfotze' would make me chary of it unless to a Year 11 group, that I knew and had been teaching and had onside... just in case! Sad case, but true...

    If you have it, Madagascar 3 has German subtitles....
  6. Short activity idea - teach them to yodel - lots of videos of Germans/Swiss/Austrian yodellers on You tube - My class love it.
  7. tjrr

    tjrr New commenter

    The Goethe Institute has got some real good material with popular songs. Here's the link: www.goethe.de/.../enindex.htm

    Just find an easy one (they're rated, I think Ich muss ins Krankenhaus is quite easy - and fitting for the oncoming holidays I guess) and off you go...
  8. IME

    IME New commenter

    I have watched Die Welle with Year 9 groups and they love it! Pupils relate to the characters and recognise the social groupings. The German version is an age rating 12 but the UK version with subtitles is a 15 and I agree that some of the swearing in the subtitles might be off-putting. That said, my bottom set group of boys barely even reacted to the swearing when we watched it last week. The ending can be a bit shocking so if there are pupils in your class who are sensitive, then I wouldn't show it. We did some work on the film afterwards and looked at the historical setting i.e. they researched the White Rose Movement and wrote about the characters etc but with other classes we have just watched the film and chatted at the end.

    Another good film is Das Wunder von Bern - it starts off a little slow but gets better once the football starts! The same group of boys really enjoyed it and it was quite good fun watching them cheer on the German National Football team at the end!
  9. Lara mfl 05

    Lara mfl 05 Star commenter

    I think the idea of a popular film in German is a really good idea for one lesson and my 'failsafe' is always 'Stadt, Land, Fluss usw.'

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