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Yr8 boys & musicals........

Discussion in 'Music' started by whitleyjen, May 17, 2012.

  1. Hello all,
    I am just starting to teach a musicals topic to my Yr8 classes and I am already finding (and anticipating more!) problems in engaging the boys in the groups. Does anybody have any suggestions on how I can get boys (and some girls) to want to take part in this?!

    Thanks :)
  2. jonowen

    jonowen Occasional commenter

    You can't make them (as you will know!!) but maybe it's your choice of musicals which is putting them off? If I were you I'd be honest, tell them it is what the class are doing for X number of weeks and get them to decide on the material. You could do this in a few different ways - have a brain-storming session as a class, ask them to write the name of their favourite musical (anonymously) and collect these then sort them out, or do a questionnaire. I'd do the questionnaire and think ahead to other topics and include information to help you in the future (e.g. have they composed music before, what are their favourite TV progs, films, pop songs etc and such like)
    Maybe other posters have more ideas?
  3. erp77

    erp77 New commenter

    I do a Musicals topic in Year 9 - we usually work on a couple of pieces from Chicago. It is usually the boys that really get into it more than the girls. It was great when the big hard rugby lads performed 'All that Jazz' comlete with jazz hands and leg kicks!
  4. musicismyreligion

    musicismyreligion New commenter

    Gang culture in West side story, get them into jets and sharks.
    I also used the rap section from 'In the heights' at the beginning, and also 'it sucks to be me' from avenue q *minus the big fat F swear word in the girls part!!
    I agree with the previous poster, razzle dazzle and all that jazz work well from chicago.

  5. cmf


    Yes west side story, it fits perfectly into my watered down version of GCSE.
  6. LennoxBerkeley

    LennoxBerkeley New commenter

    Priscilla Queen of the Desert is ideal for Year 8 boys.
  7. bod99

    bod99 New commenter

    I was his No. 1 fan first, Elisa, get in line!
  8. LennoxBerkeley

    LennoxBerkeley New commenter

    Now, now, my friends. Flattered as I am I consider you all as equals. Except b.ayengio who is clearly a superhuman. And Florian who scares me.
  9. Ignore them Lennox. Run away with me. I too am scared of Florian.

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