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Yr6 Transition work on Worries and Fears - Resources

Discussion in 'Primary' started by BetBoo, Jan 16, 2014.

  1. BetBoo

    BetBoo New commenter

    I am currently in my last year studying a BA in Primary Education.

    For my dissertation i am exploring whether creating a collaborative story book about the groups' worries and fears transitioning to high school will help their self esteem and confidence towards the next step in their education.

    I am looking at working with a group of 6 and I am looking for any resources, activities that i can use with them to get the best out of my project. I have looked at drama and craft activities, also circle time activities and i wondered if anyone had any successful or interesting ideas that i could use?

    I would really appreciate any ideas and advice you may have!

    Thank You!
  2. teslagirls1

    teslagirls1 New commenter

    There is a great big book about worries related to SATs called worry guts by Jan mark. Quite simple but might be worth a look

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