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Yr5/6 Geog/History planning - Farming

Discussion in 'Geography' started by nshreids, Jul 16, 2011.

  1. Looks like we're having a whole school topic on Farming next term. I'm
    0.2 in a Yr5/6 class and teach the Geog & History. Any ideas of what
    I can specificially cover without going into other subject areas. So
    far all I can think of is the farming in Ancient Egypt/Ancient
    Greece/Viking/Tudor and Victorian eras as well as looking at food
    production in WW2. Will aim to get the local historical society in to
    talk about farming in our village over the centuries. Anything I'm
    missing? Any Geog ideas?
  2. ejz

    ejz New commenter

    Specifically Geography for Yr5/6 I'd go for:
    > changes in landscape over time - old maps of the area vs. new maps - Where have all the hedgerows gone? Increase in population = more pressure on the land to produce food. Bigger fields for bigger machinery (tractors always go down well).
    >Bring in different foods and locate where they were produced on a big world map. And/or bring in foods that they have to pair up eg. sugar beet and a packet of sugar, cocoa beans and chocolate etc.
    >Fair Trade foods is a big topic that has many different lesson options
    I hope this helps.

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