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Yr4-Literacy-Stories with historical Setting

Discussion in 'Primary' started by *Faye-Marie*, Aug 14, 2007.

  1. Please could I get a copy too - I am also doing the Tudors in year 4. Thanks so much.

  2. You're probably fed up of this comment... but please could I have a copy of the Tudor literacy plans too? It would be greatly appreciated. Thank you (hopefully)
  3. i know youve had over 100 messages now so if you fed up of emailing i understand but please could i have a copy of the planning related to tudors
  4. moonshine79

    moonshine79 New commenter

  5. Hi been trying to do this for ages and getting nowhere. Going to have to start with the poetry unit and then going to tackle it. If anyone has the tudor plan please, please, could you email it me...

    My address is kimberly_woodhead@yahoo.co.uk
  6. aloha

    aloha New commenter

    Could i be bandwagon jumper ans ask for a look at the plans too-am struggling with this!

  7. Help!!

    I have just moved up to year 4 and trying to sort out my literacy planning linked to historical stories. But I just don't know where to start. I would be grateful for ant advice / planning ideas. Thanks

  8. can i also have a copy of the planning please! I am also struggling with this unit! I am basing mine on the Romans!


    Thank you :)
  9. Hiya, I'm an NQT year 4 teacher in Manchetser about to start the Stories with Historical Settings Unit this Wednesday. Could do with linking it into the Ancient Greeks as well as that's our topic this term. I know I've left it really late but if anyone has any good ideas or texts to link into Ancient Greeks that would be great.
    Also if any of you can get hold of The Butterfly Lion by Michael Morpurgo then the following link (page 30) might be useful to take care of say the 3rd and final week of this unit.


    Thanks in advance
  10. Please could we also have a copy of the Y4 Historical settings/ Tudors planning asap?? - would be extreeeeemely grateful!
    Many Thanks
  11. Please, please could I ask for a copy also - would really appreciate it!!
    Thanks lots
  12. If anyone reads this please can you email me a copy of the plans, or save in the resources section,
    rachel.davison@orange.net :)
  13. I know this thread has been going for a while but would really appreciate it if someone can send me a copy of the Tudor plans as well as a link to the question fans.

  14. Hello there,

    I'd be so grateful if someone could send me a copy of these 'historical settings/tudors plans and resources....


    Thanks so much in advance!!!


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