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Yr4-Literacy-Stories with historical Setting

Discussion in 'Primary' started by *Faye-Marie*, Aug 14, 2007.

  1. Hi,
    We are also studying the Tudors too so a copy of your literacy plan would be great.Many thanks.
  2. Could I pls have a copy too? WE're doing Greeks as our topic so have to fit around that, but this whole new way of planning is confusing me slightly so it would be lovely to see what other people have come up with!

    many thanks!

  3. farming_girl

    farming_girl New commenter

  4. Only just been told about this site - just taking over Year 4 and would be really grateful for a copy of your Tudor plans.

  5. sasaiden

    sasaiden New commenter

    Doodles! just seen that you may be the answer to my prayers! please may i too have a copy of your plans?! thank you

  6. Does anybody have any good book suggestions that link with the Greeks? Because Im doing Myths and Legends and Stories with Historical Settings during the topic, so it would be good to have some connections! Thanks!x
  7. I feel really cheeky but could I also have a copy of your Tudor/Literacy plans? I'm feeling rather stressed right now!!! Thank you so much. belljay26@yahoo.co.uk
  8. sasaiden

    sasaiden New commenter

  9. sasaiden

    sasaiden New commenter

    bumpety bump!!
  10. Hi
    Sorry - been struggling all day with Literacy - could I possibly have a copy of your plan as well pleasey weasey

  11. hello, i am also doing tudors...please can you email me too.
  12. sasaiden

    sasaiden New commenter

    hi, am upping this message, and also asking...if anybody who has recieved the plans could mail me the plans to sara.cave@yahoo.co.uk i would be extremely grateful!!
    thank you!
  13. I would really appreciate the chance to see how someone else has done it. furrycat_77@yahoo.co.uk

    I really appreciate someone forwarding a copy if doodlesq is not around. Cheers all
  14. I would really appreciate - oh dear!!
  15. Could I also have a copy of your literacy plan relating to Tudors as I am also doing Tudors - I know it was posted a while ago and I might be too late, but I just found it.. thanks Emma

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