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Yr4-Literacy-Stories with historical Setting

Discussion in 'Primary' started by *Faye-Marie*, Aug 14, 2007.

  1. Thanks doodlesq. Have had no training or advice from school although we are expected to follow new framework this year.
    Can anyone recommend books with Celt / Roman theme apart from the Roman mysteries.
  2. doodlesq I would also appreciate a copy of planning if you don't mind. New to year 4 and a bit lost!


  3. hi can i also jump onto the waggon, pls my email is cenaa25@yahoo.com. i am struggling with my lit plans
    would appreciate if you send me a copy.
    many thanks
  4. Hi, sorry to be a pain but could i also have a copy of the planning and the fans please? Thanks. sj24_uk@hotmail.com
  5. Please could someone send me a copy of the Literacy plans and the Sentence Fans, as both sound really good!

    Finding new strategy very confusing and am struggling to find appropriate texts.

    I will search for those recommended by others.

    Many Thanks.

  6. Doodlesq or any other kind soul out there: could I pse have copy of plan and fans too? Thanks SO much, I am new to Yr 3/4 too and am floundering.

  7. Thanks Sleepycat for yr list of books with historical setting - I am on the lookout for Ancient Egypt ones if anyone has any ideas please?
  8. kingy7

    kingy7 New commenter

  9. Orchard Books do a paperback called Egyptian stories which is very good.( They also do one for Romans and Vikings)

    The Egyptian Cinderella is also a good picture book story.The Egyptian Cinderella by Shirley Climo and Ruth Heller

    Stories from Ancient Egypt: Egyptian Myths and Legends for Children by Joyce Tyldesley and Julian Heath

    Another good compilation is:Egypt (Stories from Ancient Civilizations) by Shahrukh Husain and Bee Willey
  10. Would someone be able to send me a copy of the plan please so that I can compare it to what I have already done and check I am on the right track. Would be much appreciated.

    My email is cheryl_mcnally@hotmail.com

    Thanks x
  11. clarej11

    clarej11 New commenter

  12. please can i have copy of the planning and the fans? i'm an nqt teaching year 4/5. email me at ikkle_ewwin@hotmail.com thank you everyone.
  13. please please please can you mail me a copy of plans linked to tudors and the new strategy finding this v difficult as been on maternity leave and missed all training. Also question fans sound great too if you have the time.
    thank v much

  14. manda1875

    manda1875 New commenter

    PLeasecan I have a look at your plans and the fans as they sound very cool. Many thanks
  15. Another NQT..if possible could someone forward me the planning and fans.


    Thanks in advance
  16. The Time Travelling Cat series is quite good, there is one for Romans, Egyptians and Tudors.

    How is everyone getting on with this now?

  17. I have just finished reading My Story - Anne Boleyn and Me. I really enjoyed it.

    Is it too late to ask for a copy of the Tudor plans please?
    Thank you.


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