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Yr4-Literacy-Stories with historical Setting

Discussion in 'Primary' started by *Faye-Marie*, Aug 14, 2007.

  1. Hey Faye

    Thanks for your reply!
    I am an NQT too....my head has never hurt so much either! I feel like I am going around in circles - biiigggggg huuuuuuggge circles at that!

    Lal x
  2. Hey lal! What lea you working at? send me your email and maybe we can share plans!! mite help workload! You done any numeracy yet?? Ive done moving n growing in science, tudors in history, using music express for music, viewpoint in art, and rigby for ict xxx

    My email is fayem101@hotmail.com
  3. Plans sent. Hope they useful. Forgot to say the objectives aren't on plan cos we do a separate cover sheet which has both y3 and y4 on. Basically these are the medium term plans from Devon LEA site.

  4. doodlesq - would it be possible to send me your plans too? I'm new to Y4 and also starting with the Tudors> Many thanks Nina_babyuk@yahoo.co.uk
  5. I have just read 'time flies' and i would recommend it, 'rags and patches' that is fab also and 'the thief the fool and the big fat king' and 'the actor the rebel and the wrinkled queen' by terry deary..all brill books with loads to discuss with them. I'm also looking to use rose blanche or the lion and the unicorn (both picture books set in wartime) I'm now gonna read 'street child' to see what thats like.
  6. Hello, can I join in too? My brain is totally muddled by the new framework! Could I please have a copy of the question fans or could someone tell me how to make them? Thank you!
  7. Thanks for the book suggestions faye, very useful!
  8. Hey Doodle can I be a pain and ask for a copy of the question fans - unless you remembered where they came from? Thanks so much.
  9. You've all got mail. x
  10. I'd love a copy of the plan and the fans if you've got time


    Done the Tudors for a couple of years now, trying to get my head round how to adapt it for new strategy - hoping I don't have to change much! I've used a book called A pig called Henry which has been really good.

    Thanks in advance!

  11. talisman

    talisman New commenter

    I found the resources on Hamilton TRust really useful - first few days reading and doing a character sketch from The Lion and The unicor - if you haven't got that one, do, its lovely!! Then a week reading other texts, looking at paragraghing and doing something from Grammar for writing and then the final week building up to and writing a historicla story, probably set in Roman times as that is our topic. There's a short story about Pompeii which I plan to use but it hasn't arrived in the post yet.
    Also we have training for New Literacy first INSET day, so hope that doesn't go against all my ideas!!

    Anyone who has the question fans, I'd like at look at those please.

  12. Do we have to start with historical stories or can we start with another unit? I would rather do this when I've taught a bit more history.
    Is there an order that the unita have to be done in? Sorry I know I should be finding out myself but haven't looked in too much detail yet.
  13. could i have a copy of the Tudor plans please as may start with this instead of the usual invaders topic.

  14. Hcuks - you dont have to start with the stories unit - but we were told you had to start with one of the first units because otherwise you would have to rewrite all the objectives. I decided to start with this because I wanted to do the non fiction one later when we had more information about Tudors to write newspaper reports. The poetry unit can be done as a 2 week block or split into 2 one week units.
  15. aloha

    aloha New commenter

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