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Yr2 maths investigation linked to a3 unit

Discussion in 'Primary' started by butterbeer, Apr 29, 2012.

  1. <font size="2">In case they are
    of use, I have just added some maths activities to the resource bank that I
    have been doing as part of Block A unit 3 with my Year 2s. They are all linked
    to an adventure on Puzzle Island, as we are currently doing an Island
    Detectives theme. My class have enjoyed combining some drama and maths and the
    activities can be used for formal recording or just investigating practically.
    I have also added a map of the Island which shows the journey from landing,
    discovering treasure, going over the balancing bridges, working out the
    difference by working out what extra supplies we need in the climbing shop,
    then onto the Secret Cavern (problem solving) and the Guardian of the Gate
    (number riddles). I did a little night video of me in the dark explaining that
    we were in Secret Cavern and discovering a note telling us to split up and go
    through the tunnels, to use at the beginning of the lesson, but this isn't
    essential! Anyway the tunnels are differentiated puzzles and problems for them
    to work on in groups of around 3. Just a warning, I haven't double checked the
    Secret Cavern numbers yet, so if you do use any or adapt, just check them and
    the Tunnel 5 problems are v tricky as they are aimed at a couple of very bright

    <font size="3" face="Times New Roman">

    </font><font size="2">The activities haven't come up as yet, but should do shortly. You
    should be able to view them by clicking on my username. Hope they might be of
    some help.</font>
  2. apologies for my many repeated posts! It was all due to a posting blip, honest!

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