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Yr 9 RM project

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by jewellery, Feb 10, 2012.

  1. Hi
    Need some ideas for a short RM project for my Yr 9 s ( mixed ability and interest) they will only spend 5 weeks in DT before moving on to another area. Grps of 15 x 3, they have done pewter Casting so far this year. It will be their last DT project ever for a lot of them so needs to be something that they will want to complete and take home and is manageable to teach !!!!!!!
    All ideas very welcome :)
  2. Do yo have access to a laser cutter? A multi coloured, layered acrylic ring could work? Paul Smith, stripy influence with an oppurtunity for a bit of colour theory and they can spend ages smoothing it down! lol
  3. Fab idea ~ don't have a laser cutter though but lots of scrap Acrylic ! Thanks :)
  4. You can also drill the perspex and insert wires into the acrylic and polish flat for another additional feature. If you have an old Readers Digest 'Things to make and do' There are lovely plans and illustrations of this. I have used thickish copper sheet that kids have cut into shape and etched away in the PCB tank. Cover the sides and back and anything you want to keep with nail varnish first. then you have something you can enamel into. I saw a badge company not using a kiln but puting the enamel into the resevoire in the face of the brooch and putting the flame of a brazing torch upwards underneath to melt the glass. this works very well. Just borrow a tripod and phosphor bronze mesh to rest it on under the extraction cover. I ahveseveral other suggestions on the TES website.
  5. Sorry about the spelling above.
    ps flaming the acrylic avoids the need for so much filing and gives a much smoother finish I think.
    PPS the kids love doing something they might consider a little bit dangersous so used to behave beautifully in case there was a chance they wold be removed from the roat for the brazing hearth.
    You might also like to look at my own website for other ideas for year 9s. 15 in a grroup gives quite a lot of scope. www.angelabillingham.webs.com


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