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Yr 5 Lesson obs RED NOSE DAY

Discussion in 'Primary' started by miss_ellie, Mar 11, 2011.

  1. How about multiplication applied to money - will be a good opportunity for them to practise multiplying decimals and applying their place value knowledge.
    "XXXX Class each raise £1.25 for Red Nose Day. There are 27 children in the class. How much money did they raise altogether?"
    BA - Numbers with just 1 dp eg. £1.20
    A - Qs as above.
    AA - Mix of operations and steps eg. "XXX is fundraising for Red Nose Day by doing a sponsored sit-up session! Her mum will give her 24p for every minute she does sit-ups. Her friend will give her 13p for every minute. Her teacher will give her 17p for every minute.
    How much money will she raise if she completes the challenge for.... 7 minutes / 19 minutes etc.?
    I might pinch this idea myself actually!
  2. many thanks I can see a bit more clearly now.

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