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yr 5/6 Kensuke's Kingdom

Discussion in 'Primary' started by squiggly1, Apr 17, 2006.

  1. Hi,

    I would really appreciate a copy too please!

    Thanks in advance,

    k_lad@orange .net
  2. I don't think anyone has checked this thread for a long time as i posted no 83 and have recieved nothing so far.
  3. Hi Cherryblossom I am p6 teacher in NIreland about to do Kensuke's Kingdom for the first time. I would appreciate any help I can get on this book. Could you please forward me a copy of your booklet. Many thanks mary25phillips@hotmail.com
  4. Not sure what the tickets availability is like, but we're taking the whole of Yr5/6 to see aperformance of this at the Bloomsbury Theatre in London at the beginning of January 2007! Because we booked before the hols we're getting a free workshop (from Birmingham Stage Company)and copy of the text to support the visit.
    Not sure if there's any info on the web, so will have a browse...
  5. Could I possibly grab a copy too. Am starting my NQT year this year and would love to use the book.

    Could you sendone to jumpingbean2020@hotmail.com.

  6. They have a serialisation of this on BBC7's 'Little Toe' and 'Big toe' shows every so often...it's just been on in the last few days so have missed it this time but they usually repeat stories every 3 months or so...it might even still be on 'Listen again' if you're quick. They often have really good stories to record & use in class.
  7. I would love a copy Cherry Blossom. I love the book and am sure my Year 5's would too.


    Many thanks and happy hols :)
  8. Hi Cherryblossom would appreciate a copy of your booklet on Kensuke's Kingdom please Many Thanks Cliodhna
    e-mail mary25phillips@hotmail.com
  9. gcsouth

    gcsouth New commenter

    I'd love a copy of the booklet (or any other resources!) please!!! Going from three-form entry to teaching yr6 in a one-form entry so could do with all the help I can get! Thanks!

  10. gleneagles

    gleneagles New commenter

  11. zebra

    zebra New commenter

    hi cherry blossom. thought i would jump on the band wagon as well. please can i have copy of your booklet.


  12. Hi Cherry Blossom I too would love a copy, it would be great help.

    Many thanks



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