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yr 2/ yr 3 'dip'?

Discussion in 'Assessment' started by lindamwal, Feb 17, 2011.

  1. lindamwal

    lindamwal New commenter

    It's really difficult to get KS2 staff to accept that Yr 2 tests are done fair and square and that results are not inflated. But don't despair - most schools feel this way. When the SATs were introduced it was never made clear that a level 3 at year 2 was actually going to be counted as a secure 3b and this created lots of problems when these pupils failed to achieve a level 5. Although I might sound very cynical it seems SMT have realised that KS1 results need to be 'acceptable' rather than good so the more important KS2 result can demonstrate a good level of progress - preferably an average of 12 points /2 levels of progress in English and Maths.
    We ought to have enough experience of the SATs now to realise that unless the conditions that children carry out tests are the same then how can the results be truly comparable - this is how we have tried to address the problem. Each half term all children from Yr 1 to Yr 6 do an assessed piece of writing as part of an ordinary lesson - each child has their own file of saved assessments. We moderate these assessments as a staff and compare each level across each year group and the key stages - so a 2A in Yr2 is the same as a 2A given in year 3 or above.We use 'I can statements' - to help us in our judgements. Now that KS1 assessments are no longer dependent on the test and more reliant on teacher assessments ask key stage 2 staff to help you to assess the writing and you theirs - ask if you can observe KS2 staff set their pupils off on the task to be assessed and invite someone from KS2 to watch you.
    I have taught all year groups and perhaps been in the unusual position of having taught the same pupils at year 2 (who also did very well in their Yr2 SATs)and again at year 6 and the challenge of ensuring that these pupils achieved 2 levels of progress.
    Hope this is helpful.


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