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yr 12s and AS options

Discussion in 'Secondary' started by ferrisbueller, Jun 10, 2011.

  1. ferrisbueller

    ferrisbueller New commenter

    In my Sixth Form we routinely make students attend all 4 subjects, even if they are sure they want to drop one.
    The reason?
    Because if they get a U grade in a subject they wanted to take to A2, they won't be allowed. If they have already dropped a subject then this would take them to 2 A2's and then they would need to pick up an AS level (limited options as Yr 12 take preference), thus restricting their options for University. Although, my school maybe different from yours as about 90-95% go to University at the moment.
    The only time we will allow a student to drop the subject after AS levels are usually when :
    1. The student has had a meeting with the Head of Year and the parents informed of the outcome.
    2. Parents need to give written permission for their Son/Daughter dropping a subject, after they have been informed of what could happen post results day in August.
    3. The student is an obvious A grade student and won't fail.
    However, some teachers do turn a blind eye to certain students who don't turn up to their A level classes, something that I frown upon, as it can cause problems when students come back in September.
    I know the above sounds rather draconian, but from experience, it can be a bitter pill for a student to swallow when they realise they won't have enough to get into their chosen University.
    Saying all the above, our Year 12 will be out for two weeks on Work Experience (v.important for UCAS) and the final week being prepared for UCAS applications/Personal statements. So, effectively, this only leaves 3 weeks of teaching A2 courses.
    Wow, do they do 1 subject only in a day??

  2. ferrisbueller

    ferrisbueller New commenter

    Sorry, I realise you meant during the week. [​IMG]
  3. Thanks for reply Ferris. I agree with you, I think they should be made to continue with their lessons, even though they are 'positive' they are going to drop the subject. I am an LSA and one of the pupils I support in yr 12 has, on week 2 of the 2 week timetable, 4 periods of physics and 1 of Eng. Lit. in one day! He has always been sure he will drop physics but I think your explanation of why students should continue, might work with him. As for work experience, don't think anything is happening for our yr 12s. The 2 students I'm supporting, although both very clever are unlikely to participate in any work experience and as for their personal statements, I know they are both very worried. (I did post on here a while back about a yr 12 student with Aspergers who felt he had nothing to include in his PS that was very interesting at all! (sorry have gone off topic here).

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