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Yr 11 Permanently excluded from alternative provision but still on our roll and stats....

Discussion in 'Behaviour' started by IOD, Dec 10, 2013.

  1. IOD


    Quick question - we funded a full time college programme for one our yr11 pupils who was hugely disaffected. He was dual rolled and I liaised with college to deliver the GCSE ENg curriculum as well as level 1 qualifications in numeracy, motor mechanics etc. This was very pricey but worth it for the education of this young man. Unfortunately he has now been permanently excluded from College for taking drugs on site. This leaves me with a year 11 on our roll, 6 months to go and no hope of dragging him through the doors. I could refer him to the Education centre but he will not achieve any grades there. I know this is a selfish school way to look at it (and I promise I will address the drug taking and seek support for him and the family) but is there anyway I can get him to not count towards our grades?
  2. Tom_Bennett

    Tom_Bennett Occasional commenter

    If he's on roll, as far as I can see, he'll count towards your stats that are declared to external bodies, that's just the break- if the institution takes the funding, they have to account for what happened to it.

    If the funding doesn't follow him to the college any more then amending this should be easy. But, if you speak to your line management and your data manager, you might be able to have your course calculated without his data, purely for internal evaluation purposes. After it, it can be disheartening to be judged for a pupil you don't teach or have had little influence over. You may not be able to persuade your management of this but it's worth a try.

    Good luck

  3. IOD



    We used his funded (and a significant amount more) to fund his alternative provision. This was to get him a meaningful education (GCSE English, motor mechanics, catering etc) which he is now not going to get.

    Can we permanently exclude him for drug taking at College?
  4. Tom_Bennett

    Tom_Bennett Occasional commenter

    I can't think of a school or college that wouldn't allow for a PE for possession and use of prohibited drugs at school. Some schools might take a view as to whether PE would cause broader decay in his personal life, but broadly, this is usually a one-way ticket to another institution. Incidentally, of drugs were discovered on him, then unless you confiscate them and then report it to the police, you could be accused of colluding/ hiding/ destroying evidence. It is, after all, a police matter too.

    Good luck
  5. borofan

    borofan New commenter

    The short answer is "yes" it clearly states in the regs that..."The behaviour of pupils outside school can be considered as grounds for exclusion. This will be a matter of judgement for the head teacher in accordance with the school?s published behaviour policy."

    This applies to beahviour to and from school, school trips, alternate provision etc etc. We've had a similar type of case (alcohol rather than drugs) and opted for a "managed move" to another school in partnership with our PRU - he stayed on our roll. For us it was about the punishment fitting the crime but also trying to salvage what education we could. The young man in question managed to gain a handful of good grades that got him into the army. We got a very nice letter from his parents thanking us.

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