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yr 10 gcse just 2 students (f)

Discussion in 'Drama and performing arts' started by missmacue, Aug 21, 2012.

  1. Higuys,

    my yr 10 has only two girls in it and i'm struggling to think of any texts I can use for extracts etc. They are quite young but very talented. Any suggestions?

  2. I hope you are not doing Edexcel (minimum group size = 3!).
    Plenty of Pinter, swathes of When I was a girl, Top Girls (parts of), Waiting for Godot (males), Ros and Guil are Dead (male), Hard to Swallow.
    New resource coming soon (late Sept) from Mark Wheeller on my website.
    Also this - but not quite sure of your purpose.
    (Have you got a plan for when one is away? Or when they fall out and refuse to speak to each other?).

  3. The Rise and Fall of Little Voice, ( Mum and LV), Taste of Honey ( Mum and daughter), Blood Brothers ( Mrs Johnston and Mrs Lyons) Hope this helps.

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