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YR 1 -Stories with familiar settings!

Discussion in 'Primary' started by lbowen86, Aug 31, 2009.

  1. I find alot of the books used in this category seem a bit young for Yr 2 e.g. Kipper etc
    Anyone any ideas for slightly more 'meaty' stories?
  2. I use a range of story books as i split familar settings into 3 sections and tend to spend a total of 6 weeks on it.
    For beginning of the year we use:
    Where's my Teddy
    This is the bear,
    This is the bear and the Scary night
    Bear in the air
    Bear's adventures
    I also use the animated tale from Hamilton called The blanket
    After oct half term when looking at families and house we use the large family stories, i also brought the DVD which brings in visual literacy.
    Then in January when we do our growing topic i use Olivers vegetables and fruit salad and Percy the park keeper stories (again with visual literacy)
    The kind of activites we do depend on what the chd need but mainly involve:
    Sequence stories, Writing sentences to match pictures, re telling story, acting out story, performing freeze frames, exploring characters, relating stories to their own lives, making up new stories using props, creating new characters, reading other similar stories (from our guided reading) designing settings, changing elements of a story.
  3. Thank- you weeziepop, this is a great help!!!
    It's funny because there are sooooo many stories that have familiar settings and scenarios that children can relate to, it is just thinking of the books as there are so many good ones out there!
    Thank - you for the help with the activities too. You sometimes forget it is back to basics and that they've only just come out of reception! This will get me going no so thank-you again!

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