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YR 1 -Stories with familiar settings!

Discussion in 'Primary' started by lbowen86, Aug 31, 2009.

  1. Hi all,
    Would any of you be able to name some books for me that you use for the first literacy unit in yr 1 - stories with familiar settings!
    I am an NQT and not taught this unit before! I would be grateful for any help!
    Thanks in advance [​IMG]
  2. Hi lbowen86
    Firstly i would like to say good luck i was an nqt last year but found the year went so quick.
    as for the book list in the past i have used stories such as the gingerbread man, chickin lickin etc
    I do hope this helps you.
    ill leave my e-mail incase you have any more questions its

  3. We are using Itchy Bear, The Big Red Bath, A Quiet Night In, This is the Bear, Kipper's Birthday and The Bear and the Scary Night.
    Actually, we're not using Kipper's Birthday as we have a Jehovah's Witness but we would have been. Literacy matters is a good website to use as a starting point.
  4. I try to avoid these for familiar stories due to the fact they are actually traditional tales, and that is a unit later on!
    Beegu is a fab one.
  5. comenius

    comenius New commenter

    I use
    A pocketful of kisses, Our big blue sofa, Sharing a shell, The Baby, This is the bear and the scary night, Frightened Fred
  6. Brilliant, thank- you both!!

    What types of activities do you then do with these books?

    Thanks again
  7. What is Beegu about and what sort of activities do you do with that book?
  8. comenius

    comenius New commenter

    If you leave your e-mail I can send you plans for them if you want. They are only 'outline' plans but may be some use.
  9. i appologise for giving the wrong books must have got the 2 units mixed. thanks for the other books to use very useful. also someone else mention the literacy matters website which is great for getting ideas of texts to use.
  10. We have story sacks for a couple. The children are acting the story out, we are discussing settings, re-telling the story in their own words, pointing out high frequency words as we read. tIn week 2 they will be photographed acting out a scene about getting lost (stimulus from The Bear and the Scary Night) which we then write sentences to match.
  11. Lisa2001 which books do you use for Unit 1?
  12. Beegu is a gorgeous book about an alien who crashes his spaceship on earth and ends up in a school, only to be kicked out and left feeling very very lonely.
  13. What activities would you then do in Literacy realated to this?
  14. i have used the book where's my teddy
  15. Would all depend on the learning objectives I'm teaching and the prior learning/abilities of the class!
  16. I have used "Where's my teddy?" and it was fab!
  17. queenlit

    queenlit New commenter

  18. Thank you for the help Clematis. What activities did you do releated to this book?
  19. queenlit

    queenlit New commenter

  20. queenlit

    queenlit New commenter

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