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Yr 1 first day/week back help! NQT in distress!!!

Discussion in 'Primary' started by MissJCC55, Aug 28, 2010.

  1. Hello all!

    I am about to start teaching yr 1 this september (which is surprisingly soon!) and haven't a clue what to teach in the first week. the previous reception teacher commented on how the children had perhaps had "too much play" and they are quite low ability, however having looked at previous first week plans for yr 1 and the general feel I'm getting from the school is that it is straight into lessons (e.g. whole class, sit on carpet, activity, plenary). Admittedly I can make the activities "fun" however I am concerned the transition will be like throwing them into the deep end with no arm bands.
    I really like the school, but I would prefer to allow them some time during the day to have more play-based activities, and golden time! which is unheard of in my school, so my lovely role play area may gather cobwebs as there will be no time to allow children to play in it...
    the timings are very strict, it is a catholic school so it is required we teach 2 hours RE per week, 2 hours PE, 5 hours lit and num each, 1 hour ICT....this can all be cross-curricular tho, but my main problem is (thru all this waffle) when can I allow the children some play, as I feel this should be part of the transition to help ease them in, and also encourage speaking and listening, independent learning etc...

    Any ideas MUCH appreciated!
  2. Leapyearbaby64

    Leapyearbaby64 New commenter

    When I taught Y1 on my final placement, it was in the autumn term. We had a lovely role play area, which was linked to the topic and one group would use it per session. All the children would sit in on the input, and then one group would use the role play, 2 groups work with an adult, 2 groups have a play-based activity. This gradually changed as some groups started to work more independently. I'd certainly have a plan for the first 6 months to be a "transition" if you can.
  3. Hi! First off you will LOVE Y1, ive just moved to FS2 after my first 2 years teaching in Y1 and im a little jelous now of our Y1 teachers! Do you have any continuous provision in place, this is increasingly the norm in Y1 and our Y2 have it aswell! My lessons started pretty much structured from day 1 as in the whole class would sit down on carpet then return for plenary but the activities were play based and children initiated their own learning in the areas during the main body of the lesson. Intro started off at around 10 mins and lots of games at the start and built up to more formal and 20mins at the end of the year. I only had 2 'work' tables for groups to go to and i lead one group and my TA the other group, the other two groups were then free to choose from continous provision/outdoor play. I liked teaching groups from the areas then they were more likely to use in their play, e.g. numeracy in roleplay area. I put loads of my ideas into this thread if it will be any use? Good luck!!!!!!!


    a little scared to admit this incase my scary ex RE co-ord reads it but i work in a catholic school and dont teach 2 hours of RE....i only know of 1 year group in the school that does!!! I know how hard it is to fit everything in and you just have to do the best you can with the time you have...i always put phonics, lit and num first.
  4. thank you both of you! i checked out your link too and it was very interesting reading about continuous provision, i am horrified i had never heard of it before and with one week to go i should have!
    i only have the role play area and book corner/reading area in place as continuous provision, and having sat in on the previous year 1 teacher's lesson in June she mentioned that the children rarely have a carousel of activities. their work was exceptionally high standard, which is why i am concerned this school has an all work no play routine, should i approach someone at school about what i should do? only because, i would like to do continuous provision, but have a sneaking suspicion they want them working asap...
    the year 1 teacher is no longer there by the way, and i'm the only year 1 teacher. unfortunately i only have the deputy head's contact details, not my mentor's, so i won't be able to speak to her til tuesday...too late to ask about planning!

    by the way (just to ramble on a bit more!) i've been following their previous plans for art, geography etc and these are definitely a whole class, sit on carpet then do activity kind of thing.
  5. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

    Continuous Provision doesn't mean that children aren't working right away but I do think before you make major changes you need to find out what the school wants
  6. First of all...don't panic!! You will be fine!!
    I started work in Year 1 in a school that sounds similar to the one you will be working in three years ago...very high standards, exceptional results, outstanding school, no play (except for in reception). It can be daunting at first, wondering how you will live up to the expectations etc.
    However, I still work in the same school and in Year 1 we (four classes) are now much more play based, particularly at the beginning of the year! We do not have complete continuous provision...we have found it doesn't work very easily for us (need tables for children to eat at, children of a high ability who need extended periods of quiet to write, pressure from Year 2 for results, colleagues not supportive of it), but we have adopted a much more play based approach. We have role play areas, book corners, creative areas, construction areas, small world areas and a shared outdoor area with role play, sand and water and opportunities for CLL, MD and K&UoW.
    As we cannot adopt a completely play based approach at the beginning of the year we organise our lessons so that we do an intro, then 2 groups work with the teacher and TA and 2 groups access play based activities and then swap groups and then have a review at the end. As the year progresses the number of sessions like this are reduced and we teach more intro - main activity - review lessons. But even at the end of the year we have, at least, our two reading sessions per week as play based sessions, with free flow to the outdoor area. I always have Friday afternoons as a completely free flow session and observe or work with individuals that need it.
    So it can be done! Personally, I would suggest that you plan your lessons as above to begin with as you don't have a lot of time now to set up a continuous provision classroom and this will mean you will not ruffle too many feathers if they are not fans of the approach and then see if you can set up continuous provision once you are more established in the school and can be more persuasive!
    Good luck! You will be fine! If you would like a look at my first week's timetable you are welcome...just send me your email address!
  7. wow thank you everyone! all this advice is amazing! you're right yoitsjo that sorting out my classroom now would be a little bit too last minute, especially as i have just spent the entire last 2 weeks setting it all up! but i am hoping to include continuous provision at some point, as i feel it's important for them to develop and independently learn, maybe i can at least slip it into friday afternoons (even if there isn't a golden time!)...
    fortunately have found mentors email so have sent a quick question her way! as to sending me a timetable, yes please!!! it may give me some good ideas on what to do! my email is: joanna.cannard@live.uwe.ac.uk

    thank you again everyone, I will let you know what the mentor says too :s!

  8. Its pretty hard to do if you are going to be at a school where they expect formal work straight away - but hopefully you will be allowed to at least give them a transition!
    I would never have all my y1s sitting working at the same time. I would do the lit or num input on the carpet as normal, then have two groups working, and the rest of them accessing continuous provision (or more likely in my class, activities that I have set up with tasks attached...what can you see in the jigsaws, what are the animals at the farm doing, paint a picture with lots of "p" words, etc etc. If you show they are a bit more objective-orientated you might get away with it instead of it just being 'play'.)
    Good luck! You will find it much easier to run a classroom this way at first and gradually ease them into a more formal way of working. Theyre going to be crackers after the holidays anyway and you wont know their abilities yet so try and plan lots of assessment and play in that first week, and justify it - you have lots of good reasons! If you start with them all sitting working, you will get zilch work out of them because you wont have the knowledge to diferentiate it appropriately yet, and they wont be used to it so will just sit and wait for you to help. Plus most year 1s will still need alot of support with writing etc and will be fairly unindependant anyway.
  9. You have mail Miss JCC!
    I have also attached the first week's literacy planning as I thought it might help you to see the lessons in more detail.
    You will be fine, don't fret!
  10. oh my gosh thank you soooooo much, they're amazing! I love your ideas! I'm gonna "borrow" some of them!, I particularly love the "resource hunt" idea, get them really familiar with all the areas and things about the classroom - so cool! Quick question (as if you haven't helped enough!) you wrote the early learning abv.s on the weekly timetable, but not in the weekly plan, should I put the early learning goals on the plans/timetable? To show the link between N.C and ELG?

    mehboobali88673 likes this.
  11. No problem at all! I am glad that they helped!
    The resource hunt is good...it is a grid with pictures of things like pritt stick, their reading book, the book corner etc and the children have to find where each thing is and tick it off. Then at the end of the session we get together and they feedback to eachother where they found each of the things on the grid! Works well to get them to find out where things are in the classroom and to have a bit of an explore!
    We use the EYFS areas of learning throughout our infant school in our planning...I think it is to help to show some continuity throughout the school. So I would check with your school to see what they want you to do. Some schools still follow the profile for children not yet ready to access the NC in Year 1...we do take points from it and incorporate them in our lessons for those children who need it, but don't really reference it...it is more our differentiation for SEN.
    I hope that makes sense! So glad to have been helpful! [​IMG] Just think, in a few years you will be able to help other people in your position too!
  12. Hi Yoitsjo
    Can a very sleepy (no dancing!) blonde sneek a peep at your timetable please? I'd be really grateful. ceebee812003@yahoo.co.uk
    Thank you! x
  13. Of course (not dancing) blonde!
    I have forwarded the email I sent to MissJC to you!
  14. yoitsjo - can I jump on the bandwaggon and have a copy of your timetable too please? I have operated a similar system to yours for the past 2 years but would love to see what you do!


  15. dagnabit

    dagnabit New commenter

    When I first started teaching year 1 I was told to have bums on seats - playtime was over!! Also a Catholic school. What you have to do in this situation is be very creative with your timetable. Like a previous poster said - 2 hours of RE - what???? I would make sure they had a good written piece of work in their books each week, and use the other RE lessons (they always seemed to be half hours squeezed in ) for other things.I gave them golden time (but was even told to take that off them in the summer term) and had lots of role play and puppets for literacy, lots of games for maths, and made sure Art and Music always happended. Fair enough it was not play based or continuous in any sense of the word, but it lightended things up a little.Of course when ever the head left the building, the lego and playdough came out...
  16. dagnabit

    dagnabit New commenter

    Jeez!! Where did all those extra ds come from?? I sound like one of the kids, and have not writed properly!!

    It's happened, and lightened.
  17. Yoitsjo

    Could I please get your timetable - I am new to Year 1 and the resource hunt sounds like a fab idea - I am definitely going to borrow that!!!

    My e-mail is vrbamford@hotmail.com

    Thanks in advance

    Vicky x
  18. Year 1 doing 2 hours of WRITTEN RE??? I teach in Catholic schools and a lot of KS1 RE (and a fair bit of KS2 for that matter!) has been practical or drama and art-based.
    You don't have to be writing to be learning. Evidence can be photographic as well as written...
    We were encouraged to keep a Class Book where we put photos of activities, made notes on discussions etc. (a bit like Foundation Stage observation evidence). I know one of my Year 5/6 colleagues would get one of the children to do "minutes" in the Book when the lesson was a discussion...
    My favourite practical activity in Year 2 was making rosaries The children remembered the symbolism much better than previous groups who had coloured pictures and the bead threading was good for their fine motor skills too!
    C x
  19. Hello,
    Im also an nqt who is new to year 1. Im lucky as I started last term and had 7 weeks in reception and Im now taking them to year 1.However, Im trained in ks2 so it still all feels new. We are promoting continuous provision - but I find it hard to imagine the transition phase. How to make it different and exciting but non-threatenting and not too formal at the same time for the children. Would love to see your ideas and was wondering if you would mind also forwarding on the plan to me. Thank you so much Louise

  20. My email address has two underscores by the way either side of the o in my surname - it didnt look very clear in my reply once it was posted. Thanks

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