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yr 1/2 literacy interview, anyone got a great lesson idea to wow them

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by claire_owen, Apr 23, 2008.

  1. hiya, 20 mins is not a long time really and will soon fly by!

    How about something by Julia Donaldson as she is fab although avoid the Gruffalo as everyone seems to do that.

    I did the magic paintrbush for an interview which was for an hour but was told was a good lesson (although didn;t get job!). Need to do something you are comfortable with. You can have a copy if you like - also if you have activ primary have it scanned in.

    I read the story then discussed what we could do with a magic paintbrush - this then lead to creative writing! Chance for chn to use talk partners to discuss ideas and could say how lesson would progress!

  2. hust upping this in case you had missed it x
  3. hey

    Thanks for the ideas. I have pretty much decided and started to plan my lesson. I am going to focus on settings. Show obbjects from a book and they guess the setting in the book or one of the settings. Read a book, not sure which one yet, and question children about what each setting is like according to the 5 senses and how this effects the events in the story and the characters. Still looking for a good book to do this.

    Then show pictures of different settings and in talking partners find differences and sort them into hoops.

    What do you think?

  4. hiya, sorry only replying now - when is the interview?

    Just remember that 20 mins is not long (it does now but will fly by) so not sure if you will fit all that in that you mentioned!

    I am not sure what you mean about asking the chn about each setting and linking to the 5 senses as won't there be only one setting?

    If you want to link to senses, I did Commotion in the Ocean with yr 1/2. Comes with a cd too of the music on its own and the music with the poem read over!

    Discuss the 5 senses briefly adn then read a couple of the poems out (they are only 4 lines for each animal). Then ask the chn about how the animals feel, what they might sound like, smell like etc. Then play the cd with just the music on, read the poem that relates to that for example track 2 might be for the crab - read the poem but leave the name of the animal out - ask chn to close eyes to using listening skills. Then ask chn to discuss in pairs what they think the animal is like - this way they are interacting too.The music will give clues too. Do a couple and then that should be time up.

    Then on plans could show how would extend this into week activity - i got the chn to list words relating to the senses to describe various animals then by the end of the week we wrote our own poems - i have plans if you want as this explains more.

    Hope this helps - your idea is good but just not sure what you mean and what you would sort. xx

    or just thought, as mentioned before the magic paintbrush is good. Could ahve a story bag and ask where could be set - then read the book and ask what they would paint - where would the setting be for them? A castle, a wood, somewhere sunny etc?
  5. thanks queenie. I like your ideas, have decided what i am going to do for the observation bit but will keep them in mind for the future.

    I have decided to do the feeling bag and the children pull out objects and guess the first setting in the story.

    I am going to read we're going on a bear hunt and relate this to the LO of describing and comapring settings.

    I was going to read the story and get the children to join in with the repetition of words and the noises for each setting. I am then going to choose one setting and get them to generate describing words based on the five senses and record their ideas on post-it notes and stick them on the book. Read on to the end of the book and discuss how settings are different as i go.

    Then, i was going to show them pictures of different story settings and get them to discuss with a talking partner how they are different and sort them into two hoops and tell the rest of the class how they are different.

    OR- show different pictures of settings and read a description of a setting to them and have it on paper. Then they play snap byt matching the descrption to the right picture.

    If time, get them to think of their own descrption for one of the pictures.

    What do you think?
  6. Hiya

    I get it now! Sounds good and all chn know that story so should get a great response from them. I see now where the different settings are in the book!

    I think by the time you have done the story bag (5 mins), then read the story (5 mins ish), then discussed the senses and how they chn feel on post its and go through the book I think your time will be up. Could use talking partners to discuss the senses and how each setting makes them feel and then write them down.

    Not sure if then you will have time to discuss different settings and then sort, but could just discuss different settings.

    Maybe where else could they go on the bear hunt? This could lead for talking partners and discussion too.

  7. Thanks for the reply.yeah, i am worried that i have done too much but thought i would put it in and then if i don't have time justify why.

    Not sure whether to do the sorting and comparing the different settings OR they guess which setting it is by my description.

    My friend said that the learning objective is to compare different story setting-ie compare books NOT compare pictures of different settings so not sure if should do this now. Maybe its too hard anyway.

    What year do you teach queenie?
  8. haj


    I know you won't have finished interview yet, but thought would ask how it went?

    I think my teaching bit that was today went ok.

  9. Hi Claire

    Sorry only replying now so by time read this you will have done it!

    Hope it went well and fingers crossed. Yes better to have a bit more planned as can justify why didn't do it rather than having to make something up!


    ps I am key stage 1 trained although been in yr 3 too (and last week braved yr 4/5 and 5/6!) Are you key stage 1 trained too?
  10. hey

    It went ok but was trying to do too much so was abit rushed at the end. They took a little while to think of describing words and because time was running out i didn't develop this enough. Anyway, should have missed out the sorting bit but atleast i know for next time.

    Didn't get it and getting feedback tomorrow. Feeling quite relieved though as soon as i stepped in there i had a bad feeling about the school and a few things that happened rung alarm bells. Would have turned it down if offered anyway.

    Glad went well with you.
  11. Hi, I know this is a few years on but I was reading your post as I am planning for a year 2 interview lesson and was really interested in your commotion in the ocean lesson idea. Would it be possible to share your planning? :)
  12. Dear Queenie,

    I know this post is a few years old but was hoping your link was still active. I would love if you could send me your plans

    based on Commotion in the Ocean and also your activities based on The Magic Paintbrush by Julia Donaldson. Not sure

    how you would send it but I have provided my email address for you.

    Thank you in advance. Looking forward to hearing from you.

    My email is kafall30@gmail.com

  13. Dear Queenie,

    I know this is a few years old, but I would love a copy of your plans for commotion in the Ocean and the magic paintbrush activities if possible. My email address is emmccormack@hotmail.co.uk

    thanks you
  14. Hello Queenie,

    I am currently doing a very similar lesson for an interview I have and wondered whether you could shed some light on how specific your success criteria was for this lesson.

    I plan to read the first half of what the ladybird heard and then ask the children to roleplay being policemen and how they might catch the robbers then I thought I could ask the children to plan how they would write the end of the story.

    What do you think ?

    Thanks in advance


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