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Your thoughts needed for a dissertation please!

Discussion in 'Primary' started by sugarrush17, Jan 10, 2011.

  1. I am in the final year of my Early Years Degree and am compiling my dissertation.
    I am conducting research into the most appropriate/advantageous curriculum for children in
    Year 1 (age 5/6) and am looking to canvass some opinions of some EY professionals as part of
    my preliminary research. Please consider:
    * curriculum content and delivery
    * EYFS and National curriculum
    * play- based as opposed to a more prescriptive curriculum
    * subject disciplines versus 'areas of learning'.
    * the child's holistic development and overal well-being
    *the transition from reception to Year 1.
    All user names will be kept confidential for ethical raesons and please only respond if you are
    happy for me to utilize your comments to inform my major project. Thank you for taking time
    out to read this and thank you in advance to anyone who can offer an insight.
  2. nomad

    nomad Star commenter

    With respect, how can you be sure that responses you may get on this thread will be from Early Years professionals?
    Responses gleaned from a free-access forum are not really likely to contribute to academic rigor in a research project.
    Perhaps it is time for you to re-read Judith Bell's excellent "Doing your Research Project", particularly the sections on reliability and validity???

  3. I cannot be certain, rightly so, but all information I collate is preliminary research to inform the
    major research (interviews) I will conduct in the near future. All constructive replies are
    valuable and I would be grateful to anyone who posted an insightful reply, EY professional or
    not. I have run my thread past my dissertation supervisor who is happy and who is also
    marking my project. Hence- no need to read!

  4. I am a teaching assistant in year 1 and I feel that the children are bombarded with far too many worksheets and have few opportunties for hands-on, exploratory play. There is little spontaneity in the mornings due to onerous literacy/numeracy scheduals; often the children look completely disengaged and quite bluntly bored!! The teacher sometimes gets creative, but the worksheets slowly raise their ugly head again! Play is a reward, surely this has got to change? The need to play is innate and children should't be denied such opportunties! I understand we live in a society obsessed with targets, mile stones and tables, but shouldn't we let children just be children for a little bit longer??

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