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Your opinions wanted on new style GCSE maths exam paper

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by ianjones23, Sep 3, 2012.

  1. I am a Mathematics Education researcher at Loughborough University looking for teachers' views on a new style of GCSE maths exam paper. The research is part of a project funded by the Royal Society and the Nuffield Foundation to investigate assessment of GCSE maths.

    If you currently teach GCSE maths and are interested in the content of exam papers please consider completing the survey at the following link. It should take no more than about 30 minutes in total.

    Thank you for your assistance.

    Ian Jones

  2. 1) Thirty minutes!?!
    2) Why ask now, when we are all back at work?
    3) Thirty minutes!?!
    4) Is there a payment (or chocolate) in it?
    5) THIRTY minutes!?!
    6) I'll do the sirvay if you can promise that anyone will listen to your research (only kidding, they'll only listen if it agrees with their preconceptions (and Goviot should have been exterminated pre-conception)).
    7) There is no 7.
    cyolba, happy to be back in the saddle :)
  3. It doesn't take 30 minutes...
    cyolba, done that, can I have a gold star? :)
  4. The survey was easy to complete inside of a few minutes, even typing quite a bit in the 'any other comments' box. Looks like an interesting bit of research that I hope the OP will share with us when he completes his work.
  5. Thank you very much indeed to all those who have responded already. I'm glad to hear it hasn't taken people too long - it always feels fairer to overestimate time when asking people to help with research.

    We're still after more responses, so if anyone else would like to contribute that would be immensely appreciated. As siddons_sara requests I will provide some feedback once enough responses have been collated.


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