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Your opinions needed

Discussion in 'Teaching assistants' started by dawnjeanettehall, Sep 27, 2018.

  1. dawnjeanettehall

    dawnjeanettehall New commenter

    I started working at the school in a 1:1 position, im new to working in a school and only have 3 weeks experience from volunteering in year 2.

    I was firstly told i would be a 1:1, then ir got changed and i was told I was a TA untill christmas time when we would have some transition. Then i got told i would be a 1:1 asap and would have to shadow the the current 1:1.

    I have spent the last few weeks being this childs 1:1 on and off and he has been very tricky wirh hia behaviour and im struggling with how firm i have to be with him.

    Yesterday I got taken aside my the teacher and was told, she didnt think my heart was in it, she had to make sure she does what is best for the child.
    She asked how i was feeling, i said i felt like i needed more training and she said that I wont get any, the current 1:1 only had 12 weeks and that I have had that myself.

    Basically i decided to leave and I didnt feel welcome.

    I feel like my confidence has been knocked.

    Whats yoyr opinions on this????
  2. annie2020

    annie2020 New commenter

    First of all your school sounds horrendous. Is it a big one? Staffing issues? I wonder why they chose to hire you with just 3 weeks' experience? I don't mean this in a mean way at all. It's more about keeping everyone safe and sound, including the child AND yourself.

    I actually found myself in a similar situation with my first ever job in a school and it made me question my career change. I was a 1:1 for a very difficult child with no input from the teacher or anyone else but with the expectation to just get it done. I left after a very short time with my confidence in pieces. I decided to use it as a learning opportunity and subsequently vetted schools and job descriptions better. I also learned that I'm a much better TA than 1:1.

    Schools try to make do with as little as possible which unfortunately includes (lack of) training. How did the previous 1:1 work with the child? Was she successful in supporting him? If so, can you mirror what she did? If not, run fast. Have you read all the paperwork there is on him to give you as much background info as possible? Educate yourself if you want to stick it out. Or can they swap you for another role within the school? Sounds like people get moved around a bit anyway. However, if there's no further help available leaving might be the best option to keep yourself sane.

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