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Your kitchen in the morning

Discussion in 'Personal' started by anon3372, Jul 10, 2011.

  1. I did too!
    But nowadays, I like to wake up to something at least akin to tidy and clean, not chaos!
    I am not so pernickity (with two young kids) as to expect perfectness, as I once had it.
    But I do insist on no pots IN the sink, and if I have been too lazy to wash up (no dishwasher yet, as that is turning out to be a nightmare, long story), then at leased rinsed and NEXT to the sink. Not IN it!
    And I get really ratty if the remote control has gone AWOL yet again. I think my kids will have the words "Now forever reunited with the remote control" engraved on my grave stone and throw the bleddy thing in with my coffin.
  2. Tidy and peaceful - just me and the radio (or morning paper if it has arrived). OH left before I got up when he worked a 45mins drive away. Now he has finished he is still in bed until after I leave.
  3. It's only the fact that I hate facing a mess in the mornings that makes me clean up at night. I rinse my breakfast things and leave them until after tea/dinner time to wash them. As I'm on my own most days it makes sense to wash dishes once a day but I don't like hardened food debris on the plates so rinsing means that washing is easier.
    I can't face cooking if there is too big a pile of dishes so I may, sometimes, wash dishes before I cook dinner as well as before bedtime.
    My kitchen is much too small for me to leave much lying around in it.
  4. Mine is a mess. The fruit bowl is full though.
  5. My kitchen is spotless when I get up in the morning.......... that's when OH is here, as he gets up before me and washes last nights dishes. He's not here just now and I've got two days worth lying in the sink. Well a lot of them aren't actually in the sink..... they're all over the surfaces. I'm a slob at heart.........
  6. The other way round for me, coffee in the morning but never after 12.00.
  7. I always come down to a gleaming kitchen, a dishwasher helps, then my son demolishes it when he emerges and makes a fry up!!!
  8. bizent

    bizent Star commenter

    This morning it resembled a bomb site - pizza boxes, wine bottles, carrier bags of rubbish...
    I always dream of the perfect house but it is just that!
  9. henriette

    henriette New commenter

    clean and tidy if it all fit in the dishwasher last night; if not, there may be a neat stack waiting to be washed.
    No time for coffee in the morning - it takes too long (I will not drink instant), so I have juice and toast before I leave for school.
    I am also usually greeted by 2 teens having their breakfast and squabbling over the milk!


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