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Your help with Resource development?

Discussion in 'Science' started by Trebaci, Feb 20, 2011.

  1. A member of my school's support staff, NOT a trained teacher but not without a little teaching experience either, computer literate and with a solid background in art, design and visual communication, I have for a while beein involved in the development of my school's MLE/VLE and in developing teaching and learning resources for it.
    Supporting ASD students in the classroom, I have had to learn a great deal that was new to me in order to help them to learn, forcing me to take a fresh look at subjects like maths and science which, when I was myself at school, quite terrified me.
    The resources I produce tend to be illustrations, usually in jpeg format; worksheets, some initially produced in CorelDraw and usually thereafter converted to jpeg; animations, often in gif format, 'flash' .swf presentations (PowerPoints converted to flash using the iSpring format), PowerPoints per se (usually with animated visuals rather than blocks of text) and movies in .avi and other formats.
    A quantity of my work is available through the LGfL videocentral resource.
    My problem is that I can't always find someone to verify the accuracy of the information which, based on my own research or from my understanding of what is being taught in the classrom, I am presenting.
    So I'm wondering if there is anyone out there, or a few anyones out there, who might be interested in taking a look at some of these things from time to time, or just answering an occasional 'duh' level question from a non-specialist to help me make the stuff I make as good as possible? On the basis, of course, that anyone who likes the end product enough to find a use for them will be free to do so.
    I wait with interest [​IMG]

  2. I could look over some stuff for you

    PM me your email address
  3. marshypops

    marshypops New commenter

    I would love to help, I teach a large number of ASD students and could try them out on them too.
  4. Nice to hear from you 'marshypops'. I'll PM you my email address too, and look forward to being in contact with you.
  5. Okay... two science questions from a numpty regarding waves in the electro-magnetic spectrum.
    1. Is the wave length constant?
    Visual representations incorporating a degree of perspective can be interpreted as showing that waves start off smaller and closer together, becoming longer and further apart as they reach earth. Is that, though, a distortion, and does a particular form of energy have a constant wavelength from source?
    2. Would it be fair to refer to the sun's energy as 'pulsing'?
    Advice more than welcome.


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