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Your GCSE Results

Discussion in 'Religious Education' started by SteveWoodhouse, Aug 24, 2011.

  1. SteveWoodhouse

    SteveWoodhouse New commenter

    Post 'em here.
    Steve W
  2. jerseyperson

    jerseyperson New commenter

    Nice, I like it.
  3. jerseyperson

    jerseyperson New commenter

    I just got my results from OCR Interchange. 100% A*-C (93% A*-B).
    The Ethics results were the most surprising- EVERY student got an A or an A*.
    We only have 28 students but mixed ability, so I'm thrilled. I really, really hope everyone else has equally good news. Good luck!
  4. Full course Edexcel - done as an extra GCSE in reduced time.
    100% A*-C (80% A*/A) - very happy bunny
  5. SteveWoodhouse

    SteveWoodhouse New commenter

    Edexcel full course.
    88% A*-C.
    Out of 34 pupils we got 7 A* and 13 A. That's mixed ability in an inner city comp (300th worst intake in the country), so I'm happy. Two pupils with a UMS of 100, too.
    That'll do.
    Steve W
  6. thebishop

    thebishop New commenter

    AQA for Full and Short Course: Full Course 100% A* - C (all A* or A + 1B); Short Course 80% A* - C.
    Really pleased as this was not my easiest year group and the first time with AQA
  7. Son got 15 GCSES - 13 at A*/A grades, C and D in his languages. Very happy and proud mum
  8. san38

    san38 New commenter

    Very pleased - OCR results were not the train wreck I anticipated but also not SO good that I can''t justify my planned move to AQA! 100% full course, 62% A-C short.
  9. Well - almost the exact opposite of what we were expecting!
    Year 11 OCR Full course - did as expected or slightly better (after very dodgy marks in January).
    Year 10 AQA shortcourse - absolutely dreadful - will be appealing a significant number of the results. Even the full course pupils did much worse than could ever be explained.
    So having had in the back of my mind all hols that we would be doing AQA with the new year 10 I'm now in a real quandry about whether to do this or go back to OCR.

  10. 38 A*s and 2 As - v happy!!
  11. san38

    san38 New commenter

    Oh no Baileys! What a nightmare and that's made me doubt my decision too. I was def planning to leave OCR and switch to AQA in Sept. How have other AQA folk fared?
  12. Breathing a huge sigh of relief here too.
    Was expecting the worst from OCR, but 20 of my 21 got A*, and one got an A. Very happy, very relieved, and extremely glad that i don't have to swap boards.
    Congratulations. Sounds like lots of people did as/better than expected!
  13. AQA

    65% A*-C for full course -not 100% happy about it, having looked at the marks in comparison to last year's module. The Religious Philosophy and Ultimate Questions unit marks are way below last year's Religion and Morality.
    As for my Year 10s who did their short course on one hour a week... questions are going to be asked. 32% A*-C from the Religion and Life Issues [​IMG]
    Am happy but I think a fair few of my Year 11s could've done a lot better if they'd pushed themselves. From the looks on their faces when they opened their envelopes, several of them had the same thought.
  14. jerseyperson

    jerseyperson New commenter

    Well, this is just bizarre isn't it? Could it be possible that someone at OCR has actually been READING our threads and taken notice? I couldn't get over the results when I looked at them this morning. We were all set to change the Yr 10s to AQA up until Christmas when I suddenly had a change of heart. Now I'm glad I decided to stick with OCR. I really hope this is a sign of things to come for those of us who do actually prefer the OCR units.
  15. jerseyperson

    jerseyperson New commenter

    John Dough, if you had anything to do with this, I thank you :)
  16. Thanks from me too!
  17. brianwilson

    brianwilson New commenter

    Yes I am glad. We entered 160 pupils and got 83 percent A - C's and we only have one hour and 15 minutes a week to teach them the full course. But I also think it is a case of everyone really thinking about how they taught the subject and adapting their teaching. Maybe this was Jon doughs influence! Is this why we had better results. Maybe we should learn from this and think about ways to improve and stretch our pupils.
  18. san38

    san38 New commenter

    In response to your point Eqyptiangirl - I agree with a lot of what you say - I would LOVE to teach a course based on content and my preferences. However, I teach in an 'outstanding' school which will not hesitate to get rid of subjects that are not making the grade. Therefore, I am forced into this horrible situation where I simply cannot afford to ignore the likelihood of my students getting better grades with one board over another - my job and the jobs of those in my dept depend on me making good choices. It would also be lovely if improved results just meant we were teaching better but this is just not the case -again I don't want to go over old ground but there is no doubt at all in my experience as a teacher and an examiner that for some years grades have been inflated and subsequently deflated for a variety of reasons. I am now trying to avoid a frying pan/fire situation like many of the other posters. I realise that this may not be successful - but again - I am trying to gain all of the input I can to at least try. I have been with my current board for 10 years so this is not a whim but a decision that is keeping me up nights! I konw what you mean about context - this is why I asked in a post below if results were in line with expectations - as you say a simple percentage doesn't really help without knowing the background.
  19. With AQA our year 11s got 59% A*-C full course, with 80 students.

    However these 80 students sat the first short course exam last year when they were in year 10 and got 76% A*-C, the best results in RE that our school has ever received and I was delighted with AQA and secure in the knowledge that I had made the right decision in changing from Edexcel. The drop in percentages this year has really shocked me as I was convinced they were going to better or at least match their year 10 results.

    Our year 10s this year however got 37% from the RE and Citizenship module, which is an even bigger shock compared to the 76% last year.

    What have AQA done, because we didn't change and I was just as confident with these year 10s as I was last year???

    We do only get 1 hour a week and I need to rethink our entry policy.

    The big problem I have every year is how to motivate students to do well in a short course exam? It becomes their lowest priority, even the kids who love it.

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