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Your Easter holiday "To Do" list!

Discussion in 'Primary' started by impulce, Apr 3, 2012.

  1. I just wondered how far down it you all are!
    Mine consists of the following:
    • <strike>Maths planning for first unit</strike>
    • <strike>Literacy planning for first unit</strike>
    • PE planning for half term
    • Phonics planning for half term
    • <strike>Organise SATs and how/when I'm going to do them</strike>
    • Get my head around Y1/Y2/Y3 data fully ready for the imminent Ofsted grilling!
    • <strike>Mark our last set of Big Writes</strike>
    • Get APP up to date
    I'm getting there! I don't know how we would survive without this time off to catch up with work. Fortunately I don't have anything else to worry about too much this half term - just OH and I (Along with three cats!) so no children to entertain, and the house is fairly tidy after a big clean up today. Just lots of long baths, reading, guilty pleasure TV (Im currently working through the seasons of "The Bad Girls Club...[​IMG]) and browsing the internet.
    Let's see your "To Do" lists - both for work and home!
    • <strike>Clean the house</strike>
    • <strike>Tidy the garden</strike>
    • <strike>Phone estate agents</strike>
    • Get the house on the market
    • Keep the house tidy - with 2 long haired cats in moulting season!
    • <strike>Get into my classroom with no kids to tidy up</strike>
    • <strike>Get APP up to date</strike>
    • Finish marking from last week
    • Mark assessments
    • Phonics planning for first week back
    • Guided Reading planning for first week back
    In and amongst that, catch up with long lost friends who I don't get to see except in school holidays and actually relax - surely this is what a holiday should be about!
  2. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter

    I can't do the strike through thing...only just got the hand of new line without a new paragraph.

    So the todo things completed so far:

    Tidy and sort classroom ready for new term

    Bring home lots of books for planning (all good intentions)

    Bring home some writing to level and learning logs to mark

    Make a data sheet for another class I seem to have developed some responsibility for

    Split said class into groups according to their target levels (no point looking at current TA, too inaccurate)

    Email colleagues with requests

    Irritate and misunderstand people on TES forums!

    Still to do:

    Actually use the books to plan maths, literacy, phonics and GR

    Actually mark the work

    Send some links for foundation subject planning to a colleague

    Work out how the heck I am to raise attainment in another class and formulate a plan to hand in

    Rewrite phonics budget bid and action plan to link to it.

    Write KS1 action plan and budget bid (with a colleague and booked for last Fri of the holidays)

    Think about a display that will do for the Jubilee and Olympics and be amazingly stunning (again working with a colleague, but we said we would bring ideas)

    Amazing how a bit of judicious list writing can make it seem like I'm half way through my work! :)

    All that effort means I must be due a glass of wine or three...

    OOOOOOO AND I nearly forgot the most important thing of all!

    I went to a TES workshop on Saturday on 'How to be Outstanding' and it was brilliant. Feel inspired to make more of an effort now. AND AND AND I BOUGHT A NEW BAG on Oxford Street!
  3. What was useful about it Minnieminx? I was intrigued about it but was worried it would be all about box-ticking for Ofsted. If it had been titled something like "How to be the best teacher you can be" i'd probably have gone!
  4. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter

    Nopes, Sara Bubb was really clear it was about being a brilliant teacher all the time nothing to do with Ofsted. It was really interactive and chatty and definitely a workshop rather than a lecture. All great people there as well, which probably helped.

    Was sort of refreshing to realise that actually I do do most of the things anyway, but a few tweaks would add to the effect. And it was inspiring to remember that outstanding used to be mine and can definitely be again. It isn't some out of reach magic formula for bright young things. Definitely attainable as a normal and regular standard.
  5. <strike>Go into school and tidy/clean/organise my classroom
    Create a lovely new stimulus display for new topic
    Re-arrange seating plan
    Organise new GR timetable and groups
    Find some decent lesson by lesson French plans online
    Order some books from Amazon and Ebay for new topic
    Order other online resources
    Order two new pairs of summer shoes
    Planning for foundation subjects for summer term (have to be handed in during first week back!)
    Re-organise maths targets into a system I can actually keep on top of
    Plan GR for next half term
    Plan assemblies for next half term
    Prepare for interview at fab-looking school next term!

  6. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter

    Well?????? Links please!!
    Oh? Best of luck then!
  7. <u>My list:</u>
    <strike>Have a day to relax before starting the list.</strike>
    <strike>Organise time to spend with family and friends.</strike>
    Visit numerous banks to sort out family finances.
    Finish a book I've been reading for what feels like years.
    Clean and tidy house.
    Mark and level Literacy.
    Mark Maths books.
    Rest of marking (topic etc.)
    Fill in assessment grids.
    <strike>Sort spellings.</strike>
    <strike>Topic medium term planning.</strike>
    <strike>Literacy medium term planning.</strike>
    <strike>Maths medium term planning.</strike>
    <strike>Maths planning for first day back (luckily have PPA in the afternoon, so can leave Tuesday's planning until then.)</strike>
  8. To Do
    • <strike>Foundation Subjects MTP</strike>
    • Numeracy InDepth weekly plans (school requires lots of depth- more than needed tbh)
    • Mark writing assessments
    • APP to be update
    • <strike>Redo GR groups</strike>
    • <strike>Do a new timetable for Summer (change of outside intervention)</strike>
    • <strike>Update Literacy groups</strike>
    • <strike>Update Numeracy Groups</strike>
    • <strike>New Numeracy display</strike>
    • <strike>New topic display for Olympics</strike>
    • <strike>New corridor display</strike>
    • <strike>New RE display</strike>
    • Resources made and ready to be copied for first week (Lit/Num)
    • <strike>Resources made and copied for Fdn subjects </strike>
    • Catch up on emails
    • Plan first assembly back
    • Catch up with friends
    • Relax
    • Have fun
    • Get some beauty treatments done
    • <strike>Spring clean flat upstairs</strike>
    • Spring clean flat downstairs
    • <strike>Make birthday plans as will be too busy once term starts</strike>
    • Start my keep fit routine
    Holiday they call it? Huh!

  9. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter

    Oooooo love the blue sandals...might need to add buying them to my todo list.

    Best of luck with the job!
  10. chocolateworshipper

    chocolateworshipper Occasional commenter

    - eat Easter eggs

    - relax

    - eat more Easter eggs
  11. Who took this session?!
  12. Sorry just seen it was someone called Sarah...

    PS - you have ALL done more than me!

    <strike>Meet with friends for lunch</strike>
    <strike>Go to the gym</strike>
    <strike>Shop for summer holidays</strike>
    <strike>Shop for clothes</strike>
    <strike>Planned first week back</strike>
    <strike>Written a 'to do' list</strike>

    Enjoy [​IMG]
  13. I like this list!
    Mine, unfortunately, involves a lot of school work. Though I am making time to catch up with friends over various coffees, dinners, lunches and trips to the cinema. Roll on July as I am of to Florida for two weeks [​IMG]
  14. lillipad

    lillipad New commenter

    My to do list is too long for this website :-/ and it never gets any smaller!
  15. <strike>Visit numerous banks to sort out family finances. </strike>
    That took ALL DAY yesterday!! [​IMG]
  16. how do you do the strikey through thingy? and bold, underlining, basically how do you do everything!
    Love reading your posts. Such a varied to do list you guys have.
  17. Hi Kaz101178
    To do the strike through, type your text, highlight it, then click on this icon <strike>ABC </strike>in the bar above.
    Bold = type text, highlight, then click on B icon.
    Underline = <u>U</u> icon after typing and highlighting.

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