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“Your child needs to come with me for a bath.”

Discussion in 'Personal' started by MAGAorMIGA, Jun 17, 2018.

  1. artboyusa

    artboyusa Star commenter

    Why don't you try to find out? The info is available.
  2. Stiltskin

    Stiltskin Star commenter

    You could have just said it's not unfortunately (for example)
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  3. Stiltskin

    Stiltskin Star commenter

    Actually the photographer and the article it was in never said they were separated. The image was used to convey the emotions in the zero tolerance policy.

    The fact that children were routinely separated from family isn't fake.

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  4. Caoimhseach

    Caoimhseach Lead commenter

    Then it has no place in a news report.
  5. lanokia

    lanokia Star commenter

    Convey emotions?

    Yeah what @Caoimhseach said.
  6. Stiltskin

    Stiltskin Star commenter

    Why not? The article describes what happened in the exchange at the border. The picture went with the article and shows how upset the girl was when the guards made the mum put her down whilst they searched her.

    You are expecting their to be a picture of mum, daughter and border guards all smiling together?
    sparkleghirl likes this.
  7. Stiltskin

    Stiltskin Star commenter

    Not sure what you're having trouble with there? You know the expression a picture paints a thousand words. Sometimes articles use real images of situations to help the reader better understand what is being described in the words. The situation was very distressing for the child and the image illustrates how much.
    sparkleghirl likes this.
  8. artboyusa

    artboyusa Star commenter

    "Convey emotions"? Usually when they get caught lying they say the lie speaks to a "larger truth". Try that one next time.
    But I get your point. Screw honest journalism. It's all about the feelz, baby...
    RIGHT: One plus one equals two
    LEFT: That makes me sad.
    RIGHT: One plus one still equals two
    LEFT: I feel making people sad is wrong. I feel the answer should be three. I demand you change it.
    RIGHT: No way. One plus one still equals two
    LEFT: I hate you! You're a Nazi!
  9. artboyusa

    artboyusa Star commenter

    You'd be distressed too if your mum had bailed on your dad and your siblings and dragged you across the desert as her personal little get out of deportation card.
  10. artboyusa

    artboyusa Star commenter

    No time for a tutorial on semiotics but let's just recognize that meaning is not inherent within an image. Meaning is created in the mind of the viewer by presentation and context.
    The context and presentation of that photo, and others, was such as to make viewers assume that this was a child being separated etc...when it was correctly pointed out that the photo did not in fact represent what people had been led to assume it represented, those purveying the imagery and their enablers could say "Tut tut we never said it was specifically what you assumed, you're being too literal, you Nazi scum you".
    Nice little racket. No way to lose, two ways to win. Sweet
  11. Stiltskin

    Stiltskin Star commenter

    I see you read the article then.
  12. Stiltskin

    Stiltskin Star commenter

    No. In that article it really wasn't.
    monicabilongame likes this.
  13. Stiltskin

    Stiltskin Star commenter

    Godwin's law...
    monicabilongame likes this.
  14. Caoimhseach

    Caoimhseach Lead commenter

    The first attempt, alone, ended in deportation. Taking the youngest child and dumping the rest with Dad seems to be working better.
  15. chelsea2

    chelsea2 Star commenter

    Surely the main points are that:

    a) many children, some VERY young, have been separated from their parents and kept in a variety of detention places which have caused them great distress;
    b) some have now been taken thousands of miles from their parents, and the reports indicate little likelihood or them being reunited soon, and possibly not at all;
    c) Trump's new executive order, although appearing to prevent such separations, actually only pushes them further down the line.

    If this is what is happening (and I'm sure I will soon be corrected if I am wrong) then it is inhumane.
  16. lanokia

    lanokia Star commenter

    Because I'm a free thinking adult who is able to come to a conclusion about my emotional response to a story without it being manipulated by a media conglomerate to achieve an agenda.
    artboyusa likes this.
  17. Nanook_rubs_it

    Nanook_rubs_it Star commenter

    Was it manipulated?
  18. Stiltskin

    Stiltskin Star commenter

    You don't think news articles should contain images, or that things can be just as easily manipulated by words?

    At least it was a real image from the event as it actually happened, that readers could draw their conclusions from, and not a mockup purposly drawn to manipulate the reader ;)
  19. MAGAorMIGA

    MAGAorMIGA Star commenter

    Oh no! Not more feelz! Will people please stop taking pictures which play on emotions!
    viet war.png
  20. sparkleghirl

    sparkleghirl Star commenter

    The pictures are a 'problem' because they remind us that these are human beings. The pictures interfere with the process of dehumanising the victims.
    chelsea2, InkyP and Nanook_rubs_it like this.

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