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Your child in your school

Discussion in 'Headteachers' started by ChangingHair, Mar 22, 2012.

  1. I am a new head in a small school. My daughter isn't overly happy at her school but more importantly I have to rely on friends for before school care as there isn't any nor a child minder who drops off there. At my new school there is a good childminder and so am seriously considering it. Will also give us an extra hour together in the car and enable me to be at work earlier! Anyone any actual experience of having their child in their school as a head?
  2. Half an hour drive each way!
  3. I am a Head Teacher of a small school too. All of my sons attend/attended the school. As a teaching head I have had at least one of them in my class over the last 5 years.
    It has been a real privilege to have been able to be such a huge part in their education - more than most dads would get the chance.
    They maintain that they like having me as their HT, and because I have a good relationship with the other pupils they don't get a hard time in the playground.
    It can sometimes be tough to make sure that they are being seen to be treated the same as the other pupils, and regardless of the extent we go to do this, e.g. ensuring I don't judge any competitions they are involved in, a few of the other pupils do give them a hard time if they win (even if it's a race!)
    The major downfall I have had is when they are involved in a playground/classroom incident - this can be very stressful as you are far more aware of how they are behaving at school than a 'normal' parent would be. It can be difficult for other members of staff to talk to me about issues with my boys (not that they are that bad!)
  4. greta444

    greta444 New commenter

    It's great having your child in your school. Many members of our staff have had or currently have their children in school with us. It creates a lovely family atmosphere. (4 class school)
    I had both my children in school with me. I taught one of them it presented no problems and meant I could spend extra time with them. As another posster has mentioned, it can be a bit awkward if they are naughty. Didn't happen often in my case.
  5. megsie

    megsie New commenter

    I'm not a head, but have had all three of my children in school at some point. I've had one as a class member and two I've taught as their maths teacher. I think that it's great and all of mine have such different personalities but each one has coped well. The only possible difficulty is long meetings after school sometimes, I did use a local childminder once a week for this for a few hours at one point. My kids also went to most of the clubs after school which were offered. Just think- you will never miss their performances in a school play or sports day! Go for it, I've never regretted it.

    The only thing you must do is speak to each member of staff that teaches them and insist that they are treated and spoken (and told off!) the same way as everyone else. I think the staff will possibly feel more awkward about this than your children.

    I think it also gives a vote of confidence in your school if you are prepared to have your own children there as pupils.
  6. Lots of positives but make sure you are seen to be fair to everyone. I have known two Head teacher colleagues who insist on their child having the best teachers, being no.1 in each play, team captain and performing endless violin in every concert! A perk maybe to some. I'd be embarrassed to do this but it can be hard if your child achieves and stands up to receive awards for them and you. You need a protocol with staff about speaking to you privately about your child and also must not interfere or get defensive on the part of your darling,take everything they tell you with caution. Can be hard to raise specific learning issues without judging teaching at the same time, which is your job. Nice to share your work life and see them grow, can be hard for them to make friends and some parents get a bit nervous and tidy manickly when you pick up after a sleepover. I do the same when they have to pick up from my house!
  7. Both of my girls have been pupils at the same school where I work. As Head of the school, this can be difficult for the girls themselves at times, but they have always talked openly with my wife and me about their time in school, just as they would if I wasn´t their Head as well as their dad. For my part, I am very careful to take a back seat with staff and my wife mainly deals with the parental side of our involvement, at least with face to face meetings. I feel this is only fair on eveyone as some staff and my girls,may feel intimidated or uneasy with my presence at meetings. I am always aware of keeping a balanced attitude to the girls´school life , not expecting any additional favours for them but also not expecting them to be disadvantaged either when it comes to accolades or opportunities (or sanctions!). They take and receive what they deserve from school regardless of my position and I insist upon fairness and equality for them.They are lucky to receive support from their fellow pupils and I encourage them to have friends from school at our house as they do with other friends. It really is about striking a balance and treating everyone with fairness and equality.
  8. I'm a deputy and my husband is an assistant head in two different large primaries in London. We live an hour away from work (traffic jams permitting). We have travelled in with both our children, now 11 and 9 since they were nursery age. They go to my husbands school. Yes we know we are mad, but the time in the car has made us talk more as a family.
    Yes it is difficult for the teachers to report back to us about behaviour and attainment (my son hated reading) but we believe the experiences they are getting in this school with my husband is far better than school near where we live and childminders! Good luck do what's best for you and your child and don't beat yourself up about it!
  9. Thanks Caz! Needed that tonight. She starts with us tomorrow! Do worry about taking her away from where she currently is. She's very excited!

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