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Your advice needed...

Discussion in 'Senior Leadership Team' started by kmeeks, Mar 19, 2011.

  1. I'm job hunting, particularly for a DHT post in first/primary, and would like your advice/opinions about my chances of being appointed in a DHT role or whether I should go for a parallel move first...
    A bit of background...
    1. Been teaching for 12 years - last 11 at the same school
    2. It's a small first school (8 classes) where I've taught Y3/4 , Y1/2 and now Y3; I taught Y5 for my first year and a term in a two-form entry primary
    3. ICT Subject Leader for most of that time
    4. Have been Curriculum Leader for just over a year overseeing the whole curriculum, particularly ICT, RE, DT, Art, History and Geography which I'm considered SL for
    5. Part of my role has been developing the school website which is very successful
    6. Just completed NCSL course - Leadership Pathways
    7. I would get good references!!!!!

    Do I have enough experience to be a DHT - not in terms of time but breadth?
    I feel like I've been at my current school too long but in that time I've had my son and got a promotion so hope that would go for me. It's a good school - results and reputations, staff team as well - so it's been easy (too easy possibly) to stay but I feel a bit trapped at my school and don't get enough leadership opportunities to satisfy me in my current role. I feel like I'm ready for more, but what would a Leadership team looking at applications think?????
    Looking forward to hearing your (hopefully not too brutal) thoughts!!!
    Thank you!
  2. Hi kmeeks
    I am a DHT who applied for my job after working in only one school for 18 (!!!) - where did the time go ?- years but like you I had a range of experiences within it. I got the job.in my new school.
    I think the important things were :
    • referencing all your experiences and how they have benefited you/ informed your thinking etc
    • being keen about learning, my own and the children's,
    • showing that you were loyal to your school, whilst also furthering your own development through these experiences
    • how all these experiences will contribute to your leadership role and give you the overview necessary in a member of the SLT.
    If you can get this through in your application then I for one would be very interested in hearing more from you. So I say go for it, you have some really impressive experience here.
    One piece of advice a good friend, whose objective opinion I respect, gave me at the time of application was that when you have the right experience ( and I would include your list up here in that bracket) etc, and yet you don't get the job it is not always that you are not good enough but that the school may be looking for a certain thing at that time. So it's worth filling in the application and selling your self - there will be a school that need you !

    Very best of luck
  3. A very sensible response from Cole. Not much more to add to be honest. What have you got to lose by applying? When I went for my Deputy Headship (7years ago now!) it took me a long time to get and lots of interviews to be honest. My head at the time was very surprised as she knew I could do the job. I nearly got disheartened but kept going. The one I got was just the right one for me, hence I've been here so long. I think the role of Deputy is so important that a school needs to be looking for something very specific. It's often not that you are good enough but just that someone has a more specific set of skills that will fit the school's needs or will enhance the Head Teacher's skill set. Be yourself in your letter of application and on interview. If it really is the place for you it will happen. Don't also forget just how important it is that the school is right for you!
    Good Luck!
  4. OOps! That should be it's not often that you are not good enough!!
  5. Hi Cole and Changing Hair,
    Thank you so much for your advice - so positive too which is great!!!!
    I'll definitely keep looking towards DHT roles after what you've said. Just got to find the right one! It's a bit daunting and I know it won't be easy but it seems like th right thing to do so fingers crossed...
    Thanks again.
  6. Good luck - post how it goes.
    Thoroughly agree with Changing Hair - what do you have to lose ? If you can deal with being told " Thanks, but you're not what we were after this time", (hopefully the worst thing that can happen ) then go for it

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