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Youngest deputy head....?

Discussion in 'Senior Leadership Team' started by teacher242, Jul 4, 2008.

  1. Just interested in the age of the yougest deputy heads out there. So... how old are you? Plus - how many years teaching experience did you have before becoming deputy?
  2. Just interested in the age of the yougest deputy heads out there. So... how old are you? Plus - how many years teaching experience did you have before becoming deputy?
  3. 45

    22 years
  4. Am 28 and taught for 6 years before being appointed. Was appointed aged 27.
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  5. Well, I did not stay youngest for very long
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  6. My old school appointed one at 26. with 3 years experience.
  7. A few years learning the craft

    A few years as a 2ic

    A number of years as a subject leader

    A number in a second subject leader post

    Some time as an AHT

    Then DHT

    How does someone manage to gain the experience needed in 3 years ... apart from anything else how can they have taught in enough schools to know what is what
  8. sidneysides

    sidneysides New commenter

    Was appointed as DH when I was 29 - just got my first Headship at 32!
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  9. I know that many of you will disagree, and it is possible that I would have shared your views a few years ago.

    Too young and too inexperienced.
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  10. kirkdax

    kirkdax New commenter

    Does experience = competant?

    I worked for the Royal Bank of Scotland where internal candidates were assessed on competency rather than experience and I had to say that it worked.

    I had started working for them fresh out of uni and was promoted after 3 months because I proved that I could do the job - and I did it well.

    There were two other people who wanted that job - one had been working for RBS for 5 years the other for 15 years. My boss felt I was the best choice.

    I was grateful for this approach because it meant that I wasn't languishing in a job because my boss deemed my inexperience to be a barrier to doing this other job.
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  11. sidneysides

    sidneysides New commenter

    westie04 - were you referring to me as too young and inexperienced?
  12. Does experience = competant

    Can inexperience = knowledge
  13. casper

    casper New commenter

    I worked somehwere where an assitant Head was 26 and also held the title for Head of 6th from- caused a total mess.
  14. Not personally, as I don't know you. IMO, to be appointed to leadership before 30 and with just a few years experience (3 for one person) is not good for the individual or the school.

    I would not to suggest that a person *could* not do a fantastic job, just that they are less likely to understand the nuances of school politics or the implications of curriculum change.
  15. DJL

    DJL New commenter

    I was appointed at 26. A complete disaster! Not really for the school (but only because the rest of the staff were great and I only lasted 5 minutes) but for my health. I was acting head after a month in post! I don't recommend it to anyone and actually came out of management into a different sector of education. I think the school then took on a new head and experienced deputy!
  16. Ours was 33 (secondary school of about 500 students) with 11 years of experience. He is absolutely brilliant and has just got a Headship...very sorry that he's leaving us!
  17. Don't you have to distinguish between primary and secondary and also small schools (under 800) and larger schools? Much easier to become DH in primary or smaller school, if that's what you want.

    Also, youngest is irrelevant because there are now lots of career changers in teaching who are older, surely how may years after becoming a teacher to DH would be more relevant?
  18. I guess that is why the OP asked about both
  19. sidneysides

    sidneysides New commenter

    My career in Primary
    7 years as a teacher (inc some minimal managerial resoponsibility)
    3 years DH
    Now about to start as HT
  20. Do you think that age is less important in primary, Sidneysides? I confess to knowing very little about how a primary school operates.

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