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Young Irish Primary Teacher seeks Job Abroad..

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by irish_teacher, Jan 5, 2011.

  1. <font face="Times New Roman">Hi all,</font>

    I&rsquo;m open as to where I should/could go..just once I can have a good quality of life surrounded by good weather, friendly people, get to travel, have fun, lots of activities available etc. I&rsquo;d like a school with a friendly happy supportive staff/everyone is valued/won&rsquo;t work you to the bone/nice kids and parents/good resources etc. Ehh, does such a life/school exist?!

  2. I had this all typed out nicely and with paragraphs but when I posted it I don't know what has happened with the fonts/size! It's wreaking my own head looking at it so can only imagine ye're having the same problem! :) Apologies!
  3. SMT dude

    SMT dude New commenter

    We've all had that feeling. It seems to happen when you are using a browser that is not Microsoft Internet Explorer. Try going over to trusty plodding old IE for your next post.
    There is an Irish teacher lurking somewhere at every British International School. Even here, where we preach the English National Curriculum with the pursed lips and furrowed brows of true zealots, there is a clutch of excellent colleagues representing every corner of the Emerald Isle.
    So there'll be an opening for you somewhere - by all means make sure your CV and letter are looking spruce, and if some bang-up-to-date head teacher springs an application form on you, fill it in scrupulously. Persevere - and good luck to you.
  4. I have sent you mail which you may find helpful. Any questions let me know.
  5. lunarita

    lunarita Lead commenter

    Hello young Irish teacher
    I've never used Search Assoc. or anything like that so can't comment - but just wanted to point out that there's a bucketload of jobs gone on the TES site today. The next couple of months are when you'll see the most jobs advertised, i think.
    Good luck.
  6. I'm Irish and would recommend you drop the 'ye' thing...
    TES and Search will have loads of jobs going, not necessarily at good schools; it's a bit of a lottery really.
    And a couple of months after that, there'll be posters aplenty telling tales of the sh7thole they have ended up in.
    Lots of people on here know the good places, packages, schools and management.
    So, my advice, Maria, is be careful, choose wisely and don't rush in.
    ...'to be sure'...

  7. wrldtrvlr123

    wrldtrvlr123 Occasional commenter

    If you are serious about teaching abroad (and you can afford it), then there is no reason not to join Search or similar organization. Search would give you access to very detailed information on virtually any school you would want to teach in as well as job openings, deletions and modifications that get mailed to you daily (so you don't miss any).
    You should also join I S R so you can cross check what the school says with reviews from teachers and ex teachers.
    Both sites haves their flaws and critics, but if your goal is to teach abroad in a good school/country then you will need to have as much information as you possibly can to find a school, get their attention and make a good decision.

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