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Young Enterprise

Discussion in 'Business studies' started by wnash, Oct 5, 2007.

  1. We have set up YE this year and i think YE are useless. If you are willing to share resource please can you e-mail me booklet too its sak@bvg.ngfl.ac.uk thanks a million
  2. When fees for YE went sky high, we here in Leeds started own similar scheme called LEAP and nearly all former YE participants joined. Check out website.
  3. gec


    As a matter of interest, does anyone have any positive comments to make about recent experiences of Young Enterprise?
  4. I've taken over YE at our school
  5. gec


    Does that qualify as a positive experience Neil??? ;-)
  6. i guess it does not then! there are so many enterprise companies at the moment, all charging a fortune to come in for a day! must be a good business to get into! it looks like doing it yourself is the best option. thanks for all the posts so far
  7. Hi
    I have also started to teach YE this year, and i have found it to be quite tiresome at times. Keeping the students motivated and providing a structure to the lesson has been difficult.
    I would really appreciate any resources that you have to share.
    many thanks

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