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You know you work in early years when...

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by Emnemz, Jun 18, 2011.

  1. inky

    inky Lead commenter

    Thank you, asma!
  2. marymoocow

    marymoocow Star commenter

    When only the EY staff join in with the whole school drumming/ dancing etc and making a fool of themselves while the KS2 staff cower in the corner/ suddenly remember a phone call they need to make.
    You keep a tally of which EY staff has had nits the most often in the year. You are not truely initiated unless you have them at least once in our nursery.
    You sit eating your sandwich whilst discussing a child's bowel habits in detail.
    You get an inferiority complex when class sizes in KS2 are kept to 20 and FS/ks1 have 30 and the crapppiest TA that no one wants is put in FS "where she can do least damage" or is that just my school?
    On a more positive note the staff in EY and KS1 are the biggest laugh at Christmas dos and really know how to party!!

  3. ... when you go strawberry picking on your day off just so you can get loads of the baskets that they are collected in - yum!
  4. When you own more children's books than adult fiction.
    When you save used envelopes because the stamps would be good for the writing table.
    When you own colourful wellies that are only really used in school.
    When you offer to do any activity in school that requires singing, dancing, generally jumping around in front of other adults because KS2 staff won't do it.
    When there is a permanent stash of biscuits and/or chocolate that is just for EYFS staff.
    When you realise the potential of shaving foam in the small world!

  5. OOOh I so Identify with all these posts! I'm reassured that I am not the only one who collects things 'just in case'!
    My OH moans that the boot of my car is an extension of the my resources area at school and grumbles about reduced fuel economy etc.
    Pound shops offer endless possibilities!
    I have more craft/activity books than cookery books and am always scouring eBay for more!
    My friends, family and neighbours are quite used to my odd requests -and are happy to help out, while shaking their heads sadly..........
    My latest 'discovery' was the left over turf from my neighbours new garden -ideal for small world play with the farm and doll's house!

  6. even worse when your husband says it !!!!
  7. I shake my head at my boyfriend's scrawl - his handwriting is shocking lol!
  8. I keep looking at my grandson and measuring him up against the development statements - I hate doing it but just can't help myself!
  9. newso

    newso New commenter

    You have sand in your bra...[​IMG]
  10. .........or you find glitter in your underwear !!!!
  11. Agreed ! [​IMG]
  12. When talking to your friends you constantly use 'well done, that's a great idea, fantastic, - children's positive praise!
    You count backwards from 5 for your partner/husband!
    At a 'grown-ups' party you find yourself playing with the children - entertaining them - in fact you prefer to do so!
  13. I agree, everything said here rings so true. Especially the boot of my car which is an Aladdins cave for under 5's. My friends daughter came to visit and asked for a specific toy, my friend said I didn't have any and her small daughter answered that I do they are all in my garage!
    A lovely parent from one of my Children's Centre groups gave me a small package when she went back to work and said, "I saw this and thought of you!' It was a puppet - and I loved it more than any bunch of flowers, I am so an Early Years person! [​IMG]
  14. Jac27

    Jac27 New commenter

    You stand talking to another member of staff wondering why they can't keep a straight face, then remember you're wearing a crown made from stickle bricks!
  15. I've loved all these! My faux pas was when I broke off in the middle of talking to a load of musicians to shout "ooooh look, a train!!!!" -my did I feel foolish!
  16. Or walking around ASDA, not realising your still wearing a pasta threaded necklace.....
  17. ...you go shopping with a sticker that says 'ask me why I got this sticker.
    ...ditto threaded pasta necklace
    ...you have tissue paper hair accessories
    ...you have buttercups stuck in your buttonholes
    ...you have paper bracelets

  18. LOL- such a good post after all the heavy strike stuff!! A smile on my face!! So true!! [​IMG]
  19. When you fail to see the OFSTED inspector come in because to are engrossed in an art activity on the floor and when you do realise he's there you greet him from the floor with paint on you face. (I'm new to FSU but I LOVE it!)
  20. or when you tel your children off in the park and every child suddenly stops doing the same thing they were doing!

    children always talk to me where ever i go and i always answer[​IMG]

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