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You know you work in early years when...

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by Emnemz, Jun 18, 2011.

  1. ...you find a pack of post it notes down the side of the sofa you're about to throw out to the tip!
    ...you sound out post codes using sounds not letter names (yesterday at the post office, d'oh!)
    What's yours? [​IMG]
  2. ...you find a pack of post it notes down the side of the sofa you're about to throw out to the tip!
    ...you sound out post codes using sounds not letter names (yesterday at the post office, d'oh!)
    What's yours? [​IMG]
  3. On a visit to the opticians I struggled to read the letters...I was trying to say the letter name and not the sound...proved tricky!!
    you got for drinks after work with paint and goo all over your clothes and even in your hair!
  4. ...you refer to everything as magic. magic soap. magic beans. magic wipes....
  5. NellyFUF

    NellyFUF Lead commenter

    You think it is normal to
    have footprints on your knees
    you sing simple instructions and hum the wheels on the bus without noticing it
  6. You get excited in a pound shop...
  7. sadika

    sadika New commenter

    when no matter where you are on holiday ANYTHING with possibilities for young childrens' learning is picked up ... like shells!!!! (Sadly I never am able to "switch off").
  8. Your garage is full of 'Just in cases'!
  9. Even when not at work you find yourself thinking " oh that child's showing evidence of scale point 3..." Sad but true![​IMG]
  10. * you are more interested in the quality street wrappers than the chocolates.
    * in the supermarket you buy things because you think the packaging will be useful.
    * you choose wrapping paper for people, give them the gift and then ask for the paper back,

  11. The knees wear out on your trousers before anywhere else!
    When you realise you have paint on you somewhere and you've not even been near the art table yet!
    When you go on a course and you feel like you need to get up and run around because your not used to sitting down, especially on adult chairs!!
  12. LimboBimbo

    LimboBimbo New commenter

    I turned up at the pub to meet some friends, jacket came off, revealing a sticky label on my top with the word 'come' written on it. Damn high frequency words and the ways I try to teach them...
  13. I get *really* excited around stationery!
  14. When you walk around a toy shop, looking for your son's birthday present and all you can see are the potential of the games/toys in there.
    i.e. That'll do for numeracy, That one for fine motor skills etc.
  15. when you walk into Waitrose with glitter all over your face!!!!! :)
  16. candyshrimp

    candyshrimp New commenter

    When you put so much stuff for school in your shopping trolley rather than food, that you have to take it out the carrier bags and leave it in your car boot so the OH doesn't see how much you've spent on bubbles, drinking straws etc!
  17. You shout 'Don't put it in the biiiiinnnnnn!' If you see anyone in your home disposing of a cereal box or yogurt pot.
  18. there's a tub of milk bottle lids on the windowsill.

    there's a permanent bag of junk being collected that the whole family contributes too - yogurt pots, cardboard boxes, washing up liquid boxes and any thing that 'may be useful' for the workshop table.

    your children remind you 'you aren't at school now' when you give them the 'look'
  19. inky

    inky Lead commenter

    You ask to take away all the plastic bags of used tasting glasses from your local supermarket, take them home, wash them in the bath and recycle them as miniature glue pots.

    Yes, I have done this. I really have. More than once.
  20. lol...really funny!

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