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You know you work in a school when...

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Sweep09, Nov 14, 2010.

  1. you go on holiday in august because no one else is stupid enough to pay those prices
  2. Your husband stands at the back door, holding packaging in his hand and asks, " Is this rubbish or a resource?"!!
  3. you go to a social event and end up leaving with three Pringles tubes because you know that there are 30 torches to be made before Christmas......................... and nobody there is surprised!
  4. you can clear your plate of food in five minutes flat
    you are just so grateful for any type of tea/coffee any colo ourr consistency even with a chipped mug and stone cold and strange milk or no milk
    you are grateful to get to the toilet at all
    you know you are a teacher when dying with flu/cold/bad throat /no throat even the kids say 'Miss you look ill and should be at home'
    you wear odd socks on a regular basis and the kids point it out
    ironing in your house NEVER HAPPENS
    a jumper hides wrinkly blouses etc
    you choose your glasses to enhance 'the look' (those dark frames are deadly good)
    your shed, car boot, under the stairs is full of stuff to recyle for art
    you pull the rubbish out of the bin at school checking for art 'materials'
    your own teenager walks off in embarrassment when you get all 'official' when asking for advice/information about anything especially with the dark framed glasses
    you are very good at passing out pieces of paper to a group in any given situation and in fact Miss Helpful everywhere (cringe)

  5. You are OTT in profusely thanking someone for holding the door open in an attempt to encourage manners in them.
    You automatically correct someone when they ask for something by adding please onto the end for them.

    You leave the supermarket with a bumper pack of gel pens because 'they were only £2 and they make such good prizes!'

    You are suprised to be able to access your personal email account

    You are prepared for every eventuality
  6. Love this!
  7. Sorry if this has already been posted but havent time to read them all!!
    You delve in your bag to sign something and its always a red pen that comes out!
  8. what about the primary equivalent, all that stuff plus a multi link cube or two!
  9. laurie000

    laurie000 New commenter

    You can read a doctors handwriting!
  10. Sweep09

    Sweep09 New commenter

    The names thing is definately one! When I have kids there are names I couldn't possible call my child because they remind me of a certain naughty ..I mean challenging child!!
    Also on the first day back after the hols, someone will pass you on the corridor and say " X weeks till the X hols!"
  11. You know you're a teacher when all you see are two huge lines of mucus hanging down from every nose, you don't feel sick, you tell them all to wipe it off, wash their face and hands. And then you pray that NOT ONE OF THE LITTLE ANGELS touches you!
  12. You have time to read this stuff
    (apologies if someone else has said this already)
  13. I teach year ones and love it when this happens too.
  14. when you do something silly at home and your teenage children say 'teach five year olds, act like a five year old!!'
  15. You can never make any arrangements for Sunday evenings during term time because that is when you have a bath, wash your hair, into PJs early having checked everything is packed in the bag ready for school the next morning and the pack up is waiting in the fridge.
  16. Wow!!

    I seem to be able to relate to so many of these ... and I have only just begun my teaching career!!!

  17. This is all so true!
  18. And the wind makes them crazy too
  19. ...and when you tell your wriggling child to sit down in the cinema, and the next three rows instantly do so before looking round to see who said it.

  20. I get that, occasionally. Teach KS3, wear a suit, I'm balding [​IMG] and MALE.

    (These kids *really* need more male staff in primary schools)


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