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You know you work in a school when...

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Sweep09, Nov 14, 2010.

  1. You are likely to have glue/papiermache/paint/whiteboard pen/pencil/any other messy substance in your hair or on clothing through no fault of your own. [​IMG]
  2. I wish I did have the mugs or teddies..... unfortunately, we don't get any gratitude, its seen much less in secondary schools...... how sad! So when you're out you point it out to all the family, in the hope that one of them will buy it for you. Nope! You end up getting it for yourself!
  3. laurie000

    laurie000 New commenter

    You know you work in a school when:
    You tell your Dad to 'stop being so rude' when he interrupts a conversation;
    You get a terrifying shiver down your spine when you hear a child's name being called when you're shopping;
    When you start to collect your friends recycled containers;
    You spot a child from your class in the supermarket and dash up a different aisle!
  4. or paint caked under your finger nails, or the fact that you ar wearing a child's necklace made form cotton reels around your neck
  5. This happened in reverse to some of my daughter's friends when they were Y11 and the head of KS4 walked in. She looked round said "You are all underage OUT now" and such was the force of her personality that they all put down their drinks and left without protest. She was a fantastic teacher and brilliant as head of that hardest of keystages commanding liking and respect from the students.
  6. Brilliant post. Put the exact picture in my head.
  7. ... when the side of your hand is permanently covered in marker from being too impatient to locate the duster to clean the white board.

    ... when you imagine what that brat you teach at 12 will be like at 18 *shudder*.

    ... when the smallest of achievements can put a smile on your face fr the whole day :)
  8. Sorry - I realise you're all working flat out. I promise I won't point out transgressions again. Please award yourself a glass of wine tonight (yes I know it's only Monday) and put your feet up for half an hour.
    I knew my Mother worked in a school when I was in her class aged nine, and got the blame for everything, because I was the only child she was allowed to clout round the ear! Oh joy.
  9. When you want to put a comment on a forum and you worry somebody is going to mark it; just because you're a teacher[​IMG].
  10. ....you find true beuty in a can full of perfectly sharpened pencils
    ...you get a secret thrill out of laminating something
    ....you have trained yourself to go to the bathroom at two distinct times- lunch and plan period
  11. You find it difficult to read your own child's report or face their teachers because you understand all the shorthand eg 'He's very lively' - means 'He's a complete pain in the ****'.
  12. It so does!!
  13. It so does!!
  14. I did exactly the same thing!!
  15. After I have borrowed my husband's jacket he always complains that he finds conkers, shells, 'to do' lists etc in the pockets.
  16. You start organising groups of people you don't know/make sure queues are adhered to and even the most far removed holiday boat trips are embarked/disembarked with due care and attention (apologies to my family for the last one)
  17. You read in your child's report that they are 'confident and outgoing' and groan inwardly, knowing that it means 'bossy and never shuts up'
  18. Ummm..... yeah - I guess I should have posted in the 'You know you're an art teacher when....' section.....ooops!
  19. I used to hate that advert (think it was for WH Smith) 'It's the most wonderful time of the year' that used to play towards the end of the summer holidays (I live in NZ now), do you still have it?
    Spot the teacher, the one with all the writing on the back of their hand! Will only be wearing light coloured clothes if they've had a CRT day. All clothing has misshapen & bulging pockets.
    And of course - sensible shoes!!! Love the hairdressing comment, sooooo true!
    & we all use THE LOOK in the supermarket haha!
    Don't we sound boring! No wonder we have a reputation for rowdy staff do's when we finally let rip! (& don't you all go denying it!, It was the same when I taught in the UK as well as here in NZ!!!)
  20. you actually can't do ANYTHING because it's a school night!!!

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