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You know you work in a school when...

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Sweep09, Nov 14, 2010.

  1. when you tell a teenager off for eating a bar of chocolate in church without thinking of the consequences!
  2. You know you work in a school when, shopping for yourself one weekend, your best friend pipes up:

    Here, that's sufficiently boring and conservative for you to wear in school.

    Oh the joy of a strict dress code!

    Have a good week everyone xx
  3. not so great when they call you nan though
  4. When you board public transport and automatically begin your head count, 2 by 2, as you head to the back of the bus.
  5. ...every time we have an argument!
  6. ...and if you hear them swear you automatically give them "the look".
  7. When occasion demands that you need to raise your voice to summon someone's attention in a crowded room/ shopping mall/ airport and the whole place stands up straight and looks guilty.
  8. ..and if they swear you automatically give them "the look".
  9. YOur are having dinner with the family an dyou get asked to lower your voice as your husband is sitting next to you!
  10. Two days after the end of any term/half term you succumb to a grotty throat virus....just in time for the holiday.[​IMG]
  11. when not two days are the same at work and when tiny humans teach you something new everyday
  12. Had the same problem when we had our two and my husband is not a teacher but realilsed I just could not stand some names!!
  13. How about mentioning to our local lanlord that the word 'snax' on a sign outside the pub was a problem as it was spelt wrong and the local children may see this and copy it! He change it the next day!!
  14. Sound <u>effect</u> Miss ... I'm not a teacher as it happens, and I am quite surprised at the number of spelling errors on this site. The best was one poor chap who said he proof-reads everything. Then made an error himself.
    Is it because only other teachers are going to read this do you think? Hooray! No pupils lookin I gonna spel thins just as I chews
  15. You constantly have a pocket full of assorted paper clips, elastic bands, conkers, small plastic entities, etc, etc, etc.
    And you can decipher pretty much anybody's handwriting.
  16. NO! We're all sooooo tired that our little fingers go to the wrong letters and we are then in so much of a hurry to escape the computer that we don't check it until it is posted!!!! LOL!!![​IMG] Honest!

  17. - you have a wardrobe full of cardigans with useful pockets
    - you wear flat shoes every day because you can't sit down between 8.45 and 13.05
    - your friends say you must have the patience of a saint
    - your husband says you are the most impatient person he has ever met
    - your children's teachers have enormous expectations
    - you buy your underwear in another town

  18. .... and recently "Grandad" !!!!
    Yike, time to retire methinks (!!!) before one of my little horrors says "You used to teach my grandad/grandma."
  19. You make deals with other members of staff about who is going to clean each different bodily fluid should the need arise.
  20. you know you work in a school when.....
    you only get your hair cut during school holidays/half terms

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