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You know you work in a school when...

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Sweep09, Nov 14, 2010.

  1. You get home from a trip to the supermarket (especially in December) to find you have glitter on your face.
  2. I know I've done this wrong but I'm not sure how to add something new!

    You know you're a teacher when you spend a Sunday afternoon finding, comparing and downloading the best toilet flushing sound affect for your Class' Victorian assembly!

    This was a new phenomenon experienced yesterday :)

  3. When a printed sign in Sainsbury's says, "Why not try are free seasoning mix?", you take out your red pen, correct it and put it back on the shelf.
  4. When you're listening to a song, with half-decent lyrics, on the radio and - instead of enjoying the rarity of the moment - you're thinking, "There's a lesson plan in that!"
  5. You have a list of names you CANNOT use as a name for your own child because you would only think of a naughty student from years past!!! [​IMG]
  6. Or, you constantly refer to your husband and/or child by saying "children"!
  7. I'm so pleased you put this, I thought it was just me without a life!
  8. you are our with the girls and you say
    "Right, tonight we are go to have a curry"
    without consultation or discussion!!!! (This happened to me and I was one of the girls)

  9. You're so tired at the end of the day that you miss-read forums. Consequently -
    - becomes "You only make children stock from the remains of your Sunday roast because you want the bones for science..."
  10. HaHa, I taught in a prison...........and did that test OFTEN!!
  11. Yes I agree - but it is not quite so flattering when they call you Grandma !!
  12. Yes I agrree - but it is not quite so flattering when they call you Grandma !!
  13. ... Beggining of the summer holidays back to school clothing and stationary really annoys you.
  14. Simon67

    Simon67 New commenter

    your friends all comment that you get bored and twitchy and want a change after 50 minutes....
  15. you tell your own kid off at a party and all the other kids stop and look over because your voice was a tad too loud and teacherish.

  16. I've been retired for nearly ten years, but still have to let people know if they have a shoelace undone - children or adults!
  17. nwilkin

    nwilkin Occasional commenter

    <font size="4">I keep wanting to confiscate mobile phones &ndash; even from adults!</font>
  18. Similarly, when you can smile in any given situation- a massive spider runs across the table and all the children jump up and scream "Don't worry (huge smile through gritted teeth) he's probably just trying to get outside!"
  19. I am 29 weeks pregnant and this is causing me no end of problems. Not Dean, Callum, Jack, Conor, Liam etc etc as they are "naughty names". Then when I think I've decided on one name, a kid pops up with that name and they are an absolute horror! ;-)
  20. The fact you still love putting PVA glue on your fingers just to peel it off like skin... Or is that just me?

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