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You know you work in a school when...

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Sweep09, Nov 14, 2010.

  1. paulie86

    paulie86 New commenter

    You are sometimes called Mum/Dad by a random child. I live it when this happens, that they feel so safe and relaxed in the classroom.
  2. Oh yes! Not just me then!
  3. You can't even contemplate watching a film that starts at 9 as you know you'll be flat out on the sofa!
  4. When at the gym, doctors, dentists etc, you daydream about the more creative ways in which the notice boards could be displayed.
    When you get undressed in the evening a ball of blu-tack, a post it note, 2 paperclicps and a whiteboard pen fall out of various pockets.
    You can't do anything without putting it on a 'to do list'.

  5. You go to sign something official and the only pens in your bag are green...
    You only make chicken stock from the remains of your Sunday roast because you want the bones for science...
    You check whether something is handwash or dryclean only BEFORE you buy it (esp. if you teach in KS1)
    C x
  6. When you see a naughty child in the shops/walking home etc and you are thinking what it would be like to teach him/her. Thinking I bet he/she is a right horror in the classroom.
  7. He he! The great 'to do list' - but not so great when you lose it and have to write it all over again for the 3rd time!
    When WHSmiths have 70% offers on stationary - I think I get more excited than the children over stationary and pride myself on my collection of pens, gadgets, stamps and gizmos... not so happy when they go walkies >.<
    I also avoid Hobbycraft now as it seems a vortex of time - 3-4 hours pass very quickly looking and thinking of new projects to do with the kids...steer clear!
  8. you walk around the supermarket after work oblivious to the playdough adhered to your rear end.....
  9. You can't buy a new blouse or dress without doing the "table top test" ie leaning forward to check that your cleavage isn't revealed whenever you reach across the table or are talking to children on their level.
  10. When you correct a post on a website: it's NUMBER of holidays, not amount
  11. er...stationary?
    Inigo_Jones likes this.
  12. .and with the pasta necklace around your neck that was made for you earlier :)
  13. You have a pile of pen's, pencils, sharpeners, board pens etc. on your bed side table from emptying pockets every night.
  14. or ..............when you feel an uncontrolable need to correct a post on a website!
  15. JeanL

    JeanL New commenter

    In Thai schools the dress code for teachers is very strict and very conservative. When we teachers went out in the evening in our work clothes we were asked if we were missionaries!
    dress code: Don't show your elbows, knees, clevage and shoes must cover toes & heels (so no sandals). Men: suit & tie.
  16. ...you have an overwhelming urge to spellcheck any written mistakes.
  17. In the supermarket along with the playdough as mentioned by Ardbegtam earlier.
  18. "Wines"? Y'all get wine? Lucky you!
  19. Even worse, the Year 11's are in the pub, disguised as 21 year olds!
  20. I don't really mean to reply to any one post ... I just did not find where to click in order to post a new comment. Okay then ...
    You know that it's a full moon and you don't even have to look outside tonight!
    You have difficulty picking names for your children, because every one that you and your spouse come up with makes your blood boil.
    You want to kill the next person who says, "Isn't it great to have all the summers, holidays and weekends off?"
    You have an uncontrollable urge to snap your fingers at children and corect them in public.
    You address any gathering of people as, "Class" or "Year 7".
    You proofread menus, even when you're on a date.


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