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You know you work in a school when...

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Sweep09, Nov 14, 2010.

  1. When you can make up a lesson on the spot because assembly/rehearsal/ football coaching has been cancelled.
    When you can think of a use for what most people would consider to be old tat.
    When you know that going to the toilet and having a drink of water solves almost any illness.
    When you can make up actions to any given song at the drop of a hat.
    When finishing every sentence with a full stop gives great satisfaction.
    When you return home to find stickers/glitter etc stuck to your shoes and clothes.

  2. I once reprimanded a child near my home for hitting a hard golf ball near people in a crowded play park. Not only did he skulk off home, but every other child in the park did too!
  3. flickaz

    flickaz New commenter

    After taking nearly 2 and a half hours to get home last night (usually a 35 mins journey) I decided I couldn't be bothered to cook so would slide round the corner to the chippy. Came across a large group of teenage lads throwing snowballs. One aimed at me and pulled his arm back to throw. I switched on my best glare and growled at him "If that snowball hits me you're going to wish that you'd never seen snow, let alone think about making snowballs." You've never seen someone drop a snowball and apologise so fast. Came out of the chippy, they saw me, stood still and let me walk past before carrying on their fight! Never under estimate the power of a tired, hungry and annoyed teacher!
  4. You shake your head at a shopkeeper's wrong use of the apostrophe in plural nouns!
    eg Pizza's, Kebab's

  5. When you finally realise that you're a big softie really and a good actress!
    When you look at all disruptive kids out and about and KNOW it's the parent's fault!
  6. Thought it was just me lol
  7. Every time we have "words" ---and do I know I'm doing it ? No way!

  8. This has made me howl with laughter!
  9. You feel that 12 midday is definitely a reasonable time for lunch - even in the holidays.
  10. When you realise that you need a to-do list for your personal life too - how many times I've forgotten to do the simplest things such as get a haircut, make that important phonecall I don't know!!
  11. When you save up all of your ailments and give the doctor a list during the school holidays. Or is that just me?

    When you are planning on saving all of your sweet rappers from over christmas to make a recycling display in the new year. Oh just me again?
  12. durgamata

    durgamata Occasional commenter

    sweet-wrappers, pretty wrapping paper - anything that's shiny, silver, gold, even the skins from the crackers. It's almost compulsive. I even use a big vase on a shelf in the kitchen to put them bits in when I'm going through the recycling routine. And these 'treasures' are for real art work, collage highlights and stained-glass type projects not a 'recycling display.' (or is that what you were meaning.)
  13. durgamata

    durgamata Occasional commenter

    ok Language Police, that was just an 'm' which felt like joining in the fun.
  14. deanow

    deanow New commenter

    [​IMG] Ah, that's why I never, ever, buy anything that's "dry clean or hand wash only" these days.
  15. I once saw a sign in Sainsbury's that said: 'Please put trolley's back in the trolley park' - I just had to tell the staff that the apostrophe was wrong!
  16. durgamata

    durgamata Occasional commenter

    When anything that stresses you out can be cured quite simply with a very large mug of tea.
  17. durgamata

    durgamata Occasional commenter

    (or coffee for those who prefer it.)[​IMG]

  18. I like that too! I also like it when my own boys call me by their teachers' names as it means they are happy too!
  19. I like that too! I also like it when my own boys call me by their teachers' names as it means they happy too!
  20. Sweep09

    Sweep09 New commenter

    When you can open your own chocolate/wine and smellies shop when you come home after the last day of the Christmas term!! xx

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