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You know you work in a school when...

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Sweep09, Nov 14, 2010.

  1. This is so very true[​IMG]
  2. LOL Indeed!!
  3. ..you drive miles to another swimming pool rather than use the local one!
  4. totally agree but did get 'gran' once - ouch!
  5. me too!

  6. flickaz

    flickaz New commenter

    The favourites list on your computer only has websites that you use for work!
    When someone asks you about your children you instantly think of your class
    You go on a night out with your friends and
    a) constantly check you still have everyone,
    b) ask if anyone needs the toilet before leaving the pub/restaurant,
    c) don't need a calculator to work out who needs to pay what towards the bill.

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  7. You spend Sunday afternoon attached to the computer trawling through planning online.....so you can cut a few corners and cut & paste, when it would have been quicker to start from scratch!
  8. You unintentionally talk to adults as if they are 12 years old.

    You have to take marking with you to a dinner party given on a 'week night', otherwise you won't be able to catch up with the backlog (e.g. 400 books to mark each week based on 3 classes of 30 each day, which is a light load. Homework to each class doubles the work instantly to 800 sets of marking to do in the weekday evenings.). The other alternative is to decline the dinner party on the grounds of it being a "school night".
  9. Don't know if i'm replying to last post or just posting onto general discussion board......
    You know you're a teacher when
    1- You tell your nearest and dearest not to talk over you because it's rude
    2- Outside school, you stop using words like simple and instead adopt words like "pimpsy"
    3- You give fellow adults very simple, step by step instructions on how to do things then make them repeat them to you in the correct order to check they've understood! lol! yes, i have done this before and been shouted at!!
    4- You start hoarding wrapping paper tubes because you think that eventually you'll have enough so that a class of 33 can each make a rainstick/didgeridoo/giant maraca... it never happens!
    5- A child asks you if you actually live at the school and they're being serious!! lol that's when you know you've been working too hard![​IMG]
  10. That Pritt sticks and glitter are priceless at this time of year.
  11. Apologies if this has been said before - I haven't read through all the posts.

    When your own children call you "Mum" at school then put their hand up at home and call you "Mrs. ..." when they want to say something
  12. You know you work in a school when:

    ...you stick a label on everything.

    ...you have dried glue marks or biro lines on all your comfy clothes.

    ...you have to have a strategically placed box of tissues in every room in the house.

    ...you carry wet wipes where ever you go.

    ...you pray you won't be stopped by customs as your suitcase is full of squishy things that light up, spin or squeak.

    ... you have unfeasibly large diary stuffed full of letters, lists, memos etc. etc. that fall out all over the place when ever you try to open it.

    ...you have the overwhelming urge to repeat the flight safety announcement only louder and ensuring that everyone at the back was listening properly this time.

    ...you can drink a boiling cup of coffee in 8mins flat whilst discussing the latest episode of corri and mounting 20 paintings of sunflowers.

    ...in any large group of people you can identify which kid is going to wet themselves before they even know it themselves.

    ...you subconsciously assign an attainment level to friends speaking and listening skills.

    ...you automatically check for all exits and entrances when ever you enter a room.

    ..you can make a song up to fit any occassion.

    (SEN teacher!)
  13. ... when you check that everyone has been to the toilet before you set off anywhere... even when you're with a group of adults!!
  14. taj


    Hee hee! This thread just keeps going and is hilarious!!
  15. durgamata

    durgamata Occasional commenter

    Not so hillarious - when teaching in a tough secondary school with over an hour's city-traffic to drive home through at night - I wonder if any other teachers recognise these scenarios:
    You pull up outside your home on a Friday evening in winter with a great sense of relief - and wake up two hours later completely stiff and chilled to the bone.
    You actually make it into the house on a Friday evening but are so exhausted that you ask your 'other half' to run you a nice hot bath to unwind in, so you can feel half human and face all the housework that has piled up all week. He does so - only to find you have fallen asleep so soundly that he can't wake you.
  16. You wake up at six am and immediately begin to go through the lessons you have for the day & then the reports you have yet to write!
    Your husband refers to any preparation work you have to do as homework.
    So many of the others too!
  17. When a child asks if you live at school and you think the answer might be yes!
  18. Sweep09

    Sweep09 New commenter

    Ha "pimpsy" made me laugh out loud!
    Also when the kids see you outside school, they are astounded (how's that for a WOW word!) by the fact you aren't in school! xx
  19. "...you have dried glue marks or biro lines on all your comfy clothes."

    Or, as once happened to me, you fold your arms while holding a dry wipe pen then realise in front of your whole class that you have drawn a rather huge wiggly star all over your boob!!...AND have to walk around like that for what feels like about 17 hours till the bell goes at lunchtime and you can finally go and frantically scrub at your jumper!! ( incidentally, dry wipe pens DO wash out of clothes phew!)

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