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You know you work in a school when...

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Sweep09, Nov 14, 2010.

  1. or... how about when you want a really good night out and have to go to a town fifty miles away so that you don't bump into any parents whilst you are embarrassing yourself.
  2. It's a bit soul destroying when they call you nanny though!
  3. Yes, I agree[​IMG] Especially when it is from one of your toughest nuts - you then know that you have them as I have found it also shows a sign of respect. I LOVE it!
    You also know when you are a teacher when you find yourself being the child minder at friends/relations parties or asked (at the same parties) how to fix little Johnny's reading/writing/maths/social/behaviour problem.
    You also know that you are a teacher when you count the year down in terms...and weeks in terms...and when you DO go on holidays ....you don't have the luxury of choosing WHEN you can go so you are NOT surrounded by children.....
  4. you can ahve custard nearly every day - and most of your freinds have had most of life's custard by the age of 21!!
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  5. Yep - I'm a 52 year old bloke - 6'4, 19 stone, beard, ex rugby player, ex rower, and a kid called me Mum the other day...
  6. I reiterate the last part (OFSTED), we have them in this year and life at work is a nightmare!
  7. Or, even worse, so you don't bump into students!
  8. Waterfin

    Waterfin New commenter

    1. Full moon.
    2. Really windy day.
    3. Wet days that mean they are stuck in all day long.
    Recipe for disaster!
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  9. You love your job (well, the children anyway) but do keep an eye out for potential alternative careers (because of the paperwork, scrutiny and general hastle.)
  10. Really? I usually reply "um - if you were mine i would have drowned you at birth"
  11. or 'miss' [​IMG]
  12. Sorry - this was in reply to previous post and just realised this is Primary thread so slightly fuzzier than Secondary. I see kids coming I tend to hide!!
  13. Wish some of your (secondary) pupils would do likewise!
  14. Sorry - forgot to include the quote with last post (actually first in my case) Maybe makes sense now?
  15. You go to the beach or forest for a walk and pick up a fantastic collection of items to display in your classroom, you plan your display and the wonderful investagive questions you will ask the children, you put them in a carrier bag in the boot of your car.
    Monday- staff meeting
    Tuesday- phase meeting
    Wednesday- year group planning
    Thursday- I better mark these books
    Friday- OMG! what is that strange smell in my car
    (could resist the OMG! I know it will drive you all mad!)
  16. caielen

    caielen New commenter

    I'm not the only one who does this then! Trouble is these days it's very hard to find suitable tops - they ALL seem to gape. A lot of other people's comments are very familiar too!
  17. caielen

    caielen New commenter

    Forgot to add this to last post!
  18. You only buy shoes you know that you could do ALL of the following in.
    1. Drive 20 miles to and from work.
    2. Do duty on a day when it has rained making the yard full of puddles and slippery.
    3. You could go after Johnny after he has decided to leg it during lunch break.
    4. You could stand on tables/chair to put up a display.
    5. You could walk across the hall in front of the entire school knowing that you will not slip onto your backside in front of everyone.
    6. Has enough protection to avoid a broken toe/foot when 14 stone Charmaine is swinging on her chair and slams it back down in temper because Johnny has pinched her glitter pen collection.

  19. durgamata

    durgamata Occasional commenter

    One thing I really love is when adults (who I taught a few years ago in secondary school) shout across a crowded shopping mal 'HEY MISS, REMEMBER ME?' Some are even pushing buggies with their latest additions to the human race.
    I think a lot of teaching is about love - especially when kids are really hard work and perhaps don't get a lot of patient, loving adult attention at home.
    A cheeky yr 10 student in one school asked me out infront of the class - to get a laugh. I said I was so sorry. I did understand his problem. I am so gorgeous that it is not unusual to get this request, but I find one man in my life more than enough to manage.
    Of course this added to the laughter. I added that I am quite used to being asked out by my students but no-one has actually proposed to me yet.
    The lad in question immediately leapt out of his seat and ran over to me, went down on one knee and asked me to marry him.
    I met him in a shopping centre recently and we had a lot of fun recalling that event.

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