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You know you work in a school when...

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Sweep09, Nov 14, 2010.

  1. When u make a holiday into a learning experience for everyone around...lmao... I'm guilty
  2. Haha - my children do this. It does make me laugh!
  3. gchand

    gchand New commenter

    ...when reacting to a kid's banter you start your sentence 'Darling....' WHOOPs
  4. no me to!!!
  5. Completely with the name one.I refused to name my son Sean because I taught 3 boys with the name the previous year!!
    You reach Wednesday and begin to look forward to the weekend.
    You look at one and two year old's and warn the parents that they will soon outgrow that state.
    your spouse reminds you to tone down your voice as you are no longer in school.
  6. It's strange that you are in no way taught to do 'the look' but it works anywhere! Even members of my family and their friends recognize it from their school days too! It must be beamed into us during our training year!

  7. yes like Chelsea/ Chelse/ Chelsey Danielle or Courtney or Courtenay
    Or Danny Liam Brandon Ryan. Sorry if I have offended anyone but I have been there too when choosing names
  8. Hee hee! I do this ALL the time!!
    Also - when you're expected to know the answers to all the pub quiz questions "because you're a teacher!"
  9. You know your a teacher when ..... you have this overwhelming desire to correct other people's spelling mistakes.

    By the way it's stationery (remember E for envelopes!)

    Sorry, couldn't help myself ;-)
  10. thats definitely a sign... and never good when your out having a drink and one of your pupils comes up and say "alright miss, wanna drink?"
    or when you are dressed up in fancy dress beause you've been to a party and you get spotted out in town by the 6th formers who have all just got jobs as glass collectors in the local pub. (never gonna live that down!)
    or when your out in the town and you see a group of kids up to no good and you make a passing remark like "proabbly teach some of them" and then you get closer and realise you actually do!

  11. You are chatting on skype and you say did you do..... and your fingers type .... homework without a thought!!!!
  12. and you tell various members of the public off in restaurants, airports, banks etc, for swinging on their chairs.....
  13. when you constantly refer to the staionary fairies and pixies because all the pencils, rubbers and sharpeners keep going missing and it is NEVER the students so it must be the fairies!!!
  14. My wife is always telling stories of pubs I have emptied just by walking into them! Also what about the perennial writing a cheque with a red biro? To add another, if some random kids are misbehaving in a "civilian" situation and you have a go at them and they actually stop what they are doing, even for just a nano-second, any adults around look at you with a look that simply says "Respect!!" Or they whisper to you, "I wish I could do that".
  15. You say things once, then repeat them, then ask if everyone understands what you are saying, before repeating again, and for good meaure write them on the board...... BUT STILL a pupil will ask you what they are supposed to be doing whilst you try to stop youself strangling them and screaming out loud!
    i do this on a frequent basis and even to my friends who nod at me in a 'yes i know what you are talking about, and no you dont need to repeat that, and do i look stupid' kind of way.

  16. When you find yourself correcting spelling or grammar mistakes on someone else´s shopping list or marking the ones you find in a newspaper, magazine or poster. (And believe me, there are a lot!!)
  17. Sweep09

    Sweep09 New commenter

    Do you all agree that a full moon sends the kids barmy too?! xx
  18. or.....you are called Nan by a random child - then you know it's time to retire ( if only the government would let you!)
  19. It happened to me for the first time this year. I now get called nan more often than mum.
    I'd like to add the following:-
    When you ask your husband if he could give you a more powerful word when you're arguing.
    When you pop round to relations homes to spend an evening watching T.V. and ask if you can bring some cutting out, then leave the floor covered in bits of laminating.
    When you ask carol singers to try it again and this time open your mouths wider.
    When you are shopping with your daughter and the first comment which springs to mind in the dress shop is think about the choices you are making.
    When early on in your career you can admit to having seen every hour of the day and night more than once.
  20. Sorry, My day's Monday not Wednesday.


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