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York St John, Primary

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by han94, Feb 6, 2011.

  1. Hey Amy,
    Did you hear from them? I hope so! I had an interview just waiting to hear now! Good luck.
  2. Hi

    I had an interview at the end of November and got an email off them a bit over a week later saying "we'd like you on our course, we haven't got the number of places yet so please wait until we have". A friend of mine had an interview in January and got the same email back, so we're both just waiting for them to sort out the number of places, which should be done very soon.

  3. Hi Tim,

    I received the same email after my interview...are they sending it to everyone? Have you heard anything since?

  4. Hi Hana - I believe they're sending it to everyone who they want on the course - basically an email of intent to offer a place. I've heard nothing since - I rang them yesterday and someone in admissions said that they had received their number of places yet, which I think is rubbish, as every other provider has. Apparently the number of Primary places has gone up slightly though, so we should be fine unless they made far too many initial offers. I've emailed them today asking for more information about when we might hear - will let you know if I get a response.
  5. Hello everyone,
    I'm in the same situation - I rang the admissions department of York St. John college yesterday and they said they were yet to hear from the government about funding. I guess it's just a case of waiting a bit longer than expected.
    Btw Tim - are you a guitar teacher? Apologies if not, but I had my interview in November also and met a chap called Tim who played the guitar. Anyway, all the best and let us know if you hear anything more.
  6. I have an interview in March (on my birthday!) so just preparing for that now.
    What was the interview day like?
    What kind of things did you have to do?
    I'm going for lower primary, what about all of you?

    Good luck to you all!
  7. Tom - no, I don't play guitar. I think it was the same interview day though, if I remember rightly there were two Tims. November 25th?

    Amy - the interview day wasn't too bad. You'll have some tests early on, and an essay on a primary education issue - they want to see your writing style and where you need to improve on your subject knowledge. Revise KS2 and KS3 for Maths, English, Science and ICT. You then get a campus tour and a group task - mine was planning a lesson with a couple of other people for a Y2 class. The interview itself only lasts about 10-15 minutes and is quite scenario based - "what would you do if?" sort of questions. My interviewer was really friendly, and that helped me relax.

    Good luck!
  8. Tim - yeah my interview was on November 25th; seems a long time ago now! Have you had an email back from the college yet?
    Amy - I prepared for my interview by reading up on current education stories in the news; looking at lesson plans and the primary syllabus on the web; reflecting on the work experience I'd done in school; revising Maths, Science, English and IT on BBC bitesize; and looking through the personal statement and work experience sections of my application to make sure I had things to say about everything I'd put down. Hope that helps!
  9. Tom - I haven't had an email back yet, still hoping for one. Hopefully we'll be hearing something soon anyway. I've been offered a place in a house with my old uni housemates, but the delay here isn't helping, as their landlord could get approached by some other students who can sign straight away. I will be very annoyed if the deadline is extended past February 28th on GTTR though - they've had long enough.
  10. Hey guys,
    I'm on the upper primary pgce course at the moment (just finished 1st placement....absolutely exhausting). Let me know if you want to know anything!

  11. Hey

    Just found out I have a place for upper primary starting in 2011, so I'm sure I will be calling on you for help!
    Thanks, Hana
  12. Thank you both so much for telling me about your interviews days.
    For the current issues, was it your choice what issue you wrote about or did they tell you? What issues did you read up on?
    I think the bit I'm most worried about is the tests! :(
    My interview is also my birthday!
  13. Hey Amy,
    Aw such bad timing that your interview is on your birthday, although hopefully that might bring you extra good luck!
    The current issues I was not actually asked about at any point in the day, which was annoying because I had read up! The written task at the beginning was when we were given a statement I think mine was "Teachers have a moral obligation for their students' moral, spiritual and emotional development" Argue this. So we basically had to argue both sides, I think really they wanted to test our written skills more than anything! We were given a blank sheet, with no lones and given 20 minutes to do it
    If you need any more help or have any more questions fire away, I know how nervous I was before my interview so I'm happy to help
  14. I got in :D
    I have an offer for Upper Primary, conditional on CRB and health stuff. :D Hope to see you all in September.
  15. yay! congrats me too! see u in sept
  16. Congratulations Hana and Tim! I also got in (for Lower Primary). Looking forward to meeting you properly. My offer is also conditional on my showing them my GCSE certificates, which were still in the post on my interview day. As I live in York, I'll probably take them in sometime next week. I haven't heard directly from the college yet though - just through the GTTR. I'm guessing they're going to send us an email (or maybe a letter?) in the next week or so with more details.
  17. Congratulaitons to you all!
    Hope my interview goes well so I can join you!!! :D

    Any more advice, comments, suggestions or things you are glad you did or wish you'd done would be veeeeery much appreciated :D

  18. Hello Amy,
    The best piece of advice I received before my interview was from a mate who said, "make sure you leave them in no doubt that you really want this." I guess that the college already know that you're clever enough and experienced enough to teach because they've invited you for interview. I think one of the things they're looking for is evidence that you're genuinely passionate about teaching and interested in it. That advice helped me on the day to get over my nerves and resolve to show them how much I wanted to be a teacher.
    I hope that helps, good luck!!

  19. I want it more than anything else in the world right now so hopefully I will be able to get that across.
    I'm an EYP/HLTA right now and I can't go anywhere without finding something I could use in a lesson or have as an activity in the setting.

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